Mex's Start Rebalance

Short Name: 

Removes start scumming and drowning and replaces them with rebalance changes.

Full details in discussion thread.

planned v5 - remove all artifact generation from shops, figure out how to add phy/men wilds

v4 - added steamsaw/guns to old man

v3 - added dispersion (last hope), track (derth), burrow (shatur) and short staff (angolwen) to shops

v2 - rebalanced the old man randart power/egos, now equivalent to what would usually drop from a boss on the relevant difficulties, insane players get 2 tier 3s, madness get 2 tier 5s

Mex's Start in Last Hope

Short Name: 

Changes your starting zone to Last Hope.
Does not affect races/classes that cannot immediately access Last Hope.
Archmages and Chronomancers will automatically skip their starting quest.

Marson's All-Seeing Eye

Short Name: 

Places 'Marson's All-Seeing Eye' in your character's inventory which gives telepathy:all at +10 range when carried (20 range total under normal conditions).

I created this so I could experiment with Madness without the need for a crazy amount of scouting. This is an extreme solution to scouting tedium as it also sees through invisibility and stealth as well. I may come up with a middle-ground solution after mucking with this a bit.

Marson's Character Recycler

Short Name: 

Use CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-L to recreate your current character.

You can choose to regenerate the current character at the beginning, or to go back to the character generation screen and create a new one.

Roguetypes - heavy armor or not?

I am playing a shadowblade, and enjoying it a lot, but I am wondering if you guys get heavy armor or not. Is there good/great armor in the light categories out there?

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