Obtaining Voratun Coins

Is there another way other than using PayPal to receive coins?
Could I buy extra copies of DLCs on GOG?

Steam works, if you have the

Steam works, if you have the game there.

Obtaining coins

Initially I purchased TOME from GOG and played in offline mode. Then I registered my TE4 account and used the Key Redeem option to enable the DLC on my TE4 profile. From the TE4 Balance view I can see that the redeem key first added the coins then deducted the coins again to enable the DLC. My guess would be by redeeming additional GOG keys would increase the coins balance with no deduction as DLC's are already enabled. In total I received 240 coins for the base game plus the three DLC modules purchased from GOG.

Perhaps the TE4 website could be updated to sell fixed coin packs rather than to receive coins for certain amounts of donations.

Balance/Redeeming... edited

Hm I also bought everything on GOG, but when I check my balance it only shows 60 coins received/used.
I probably have to redeem the DLCs, even though I've been playing them this whole time.

Ok, so it looks like I had not redeemed keys. Now it shows 240 received/used. I wonder if I'll even get a new key for additional copies of DLC though.

Oh this is most certainly not

Oh this is most certainly not a use case I had thought about :)
It MAY work but I cant really guarantee (if you try and it fails, contact me and we'll sort it out).

As for other ways, there is Patreon too (see the donate page)

New Copy Purchased

So I went ahead and bought another copy of the Forbidden Cults DLC from GOG, but I guess I do not receive a serial key for it, just the code for a giveaway.

Could I send you a picture of my purchase order?

GOG should give you a key for

GOG should give you a key for every purchase, I give them keys for that very purpose ! :) Try to contact them first to see where your key is :)

Waiting on GOG

So I sent in a support ticket on Monday, still waiting for a reply.
I DID get a game key, but not the serial key, if that makes sense.

I just wanna buy skins and look cool lol

Serial key update

So it turns out the only way to receive another Serial Key is to make a whole new GOG account so I can activate the second copy of the DLC.

I could potentially give the DLC away and just hope they send me the Serial Key without redeeming it themselves?

That seems a bit ... ugh

That seems a bit ... ugh ...
Can't you just use patreon or paypal on te4.org and be done with it? That's can't be more convoluted than what you describe with GOG :/


Yea it's a hassle.
I didn't really want to make a Paypal account, but I'll probably just do it at one point.
For whatever reason the Japanese Paypal doesn't have the guest thing.

Anyways, thanks for the help. I'll eventually grab some more skins so I can look cooler dying over and over again.

Ahah yes that's the spirit ;)

Ahah yes that's the spirit ;) Die, but while well dressed ! ;)