Profile disabled

Seems I always get:
Profile disabled(switching to development profile) due to no online profile active.

I have game open in one window with my active profile shown bottom left, and this site profile logged into the web site / blog.

Curious what I'm missing. It's a small novelty, but I'd love to see my toon appear just once on the updated characters list :)

Have you tried redownloading

Have you tried redownloading it? If you're running any modified files, like custom classes, etc. the profiles won't go online.

Was running beta 17 when I

Was running beta 17 when I started and set up profile, then downloaded beta 18 as soon as it came out as my Alchemist got snotted by its golem from accidentally hitting it.

Not running any custom mods/classes.

Last character was a Dwarf Cursed - very impressive until lvl 20, where it was summarily killed by a plethora of drakes, hatchlings and storm drake which filled 60% of the zone with mobs. By the time everything was killed and cleared I was down to only blood left for res, had gained 2.3 levels and 500 gold.