OldRPG Tileset - updated for beta 38!

OldRPG tileset for ToME beta 38

tome-oldrpg-beta38.teaa 19.6 MB

Download at the above link.

Simply drop the .teaa file into your t-engine\game\addons\ folder.
Choose OldRPG from the graphic mode menu after you load a character.

Have fun!

New things:
-lots and lots

Please post your comments / see previews at the addon forums!

Also, check out the complimentary Darkwood UI in the addon section here on the te4.org site. It was deigned with oldrpg in mind!

I like this a lot.

I like this a lot.



I hope this is just me but...

Whenever I try to use this and/or Darkwood UI it switches to the offline-profile "due to bad addon-version" -- or something along those lines. At first I thought some files were corrupted on my end, but after redownloading and double-checking everything the problem was still there, which kinda sucks because it looks like you put a lot of effort into this, and by that I mean it makes ToME look AWESOME!

Anyway, assuming this isn't just some problem on my end (and indeed, some posters in the thread seem to confirm that this isn't the case):

Please fix this.

Your newest fanboi
(at the time of writing)

Nope it's not an isolated

Nope it's not an isolated incident now, sadly. Switching back and forth from ascii and oldrpg and ran into the same issue.