Tales of Maj'Eyal beta25 aka "Terror of the Woods"

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta25 ! See http://te4.org/

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Release highlights:

  • Various important fixes and updates
  • Balances tweaks
  • New Thaloren starting zones, along with their own city
  • Starting zones reduced to 3 levels, next tier zones to 5 levels

Expanded changelist:

  • Ring of blood orb wont take your money if you killed the blood master
  • User chat notification upon death
  • Unlocks made while offline are now also available while online
  • Merged Heavy & Massive armour trainings into a single talent (that goes to 10 like the weapon ones). At level 1 it allows heavy gloves/helms/boots, at level 2 heavy armours, at level 3 shields and at level 4 massive armours. Classes start with enough levels to wear their starting gear
  • Aura of Silence description shows the radius
  • Silence correctly prevents usage of runes
  • Using timetravel spells will not break the ingame chat
  • Sotrming the city quest is now more obviously presented on the worldmap
  • Armour changed again, it is back to a flat damage reduction
  • New stat: armour hardiness, it's base 30% and can be increased with Armour Training. It represents how much of a blow is affected by armour
  • Fixed Slime Roots
  • Fixed dual weapon training and corrupted strength
  • Achievements list now colors in green achievements got by your current character
  • Reduced the length of all starting zones to 3 levels and the next zone tier (daikara, maze, ...) to 5
  • Antimagic quest now grants Antimagic achievement
  • Removed all lava floors from the wyrm room in vor armoury
  • Spectators wont decay in the ring of blood
  • Fixed long load times when loading a populated level
  • Fix crash on big maps
  • Rod of Recall / Teleport: Angolwen cooldown adjusted to 400
  • Bill is no longer the boss of the trollmire, he has been replaced by Prox, an other troll, which hits not nearly as hard
  • Bill has now got his own special level, whose access must be found. And he is now nastier
  • The slave combatant has the correct number of infusions
  • Dreadmasters now correctly summon dreads
  • Defensive throw should now take place after counter attacks
  • Reorganized and rebalanced the age manipulation tree
  • Removed stat increasing effects from an anomaly
  • Wormhole is now instant cast
  • Cut sustain cost of Door to the Past in half
  • Lowered cost of relentless strikes
  • Striking stance now increases accuracy instead of critical power
  • Rushing strike stun duration reduced
  • Roundhouse kick damage reduced (a bit)
  • Spacetime tuning now has a cap on how high it can raise your paradox
  • Shattering Impact can only trigger once per turn
  • Put much-needed door in the bandit fortress
  • Added some non-lava floors to one of the demon nest vaults
  • Added dialog to the alchemists to inform the player that they're not the only one working on these ingredients
  • Made squid ink more visible
  • Changed elixir of stoneskin on-drink message so it makes more sense for skeletons
  • Equilibrium and Paradox sustains only check for failure on activation
  • Fixed loot generation in vault to be more diverse
  • Fix wraithform cost
  • Tactical display is now handled by entities (actors) display callback (no change for modules, except they can customize it as needed)
  • Added lifebars to tactical display mode
  • Melinda got tiles!
  • Various fixes
  • Daikara rift can not spawn on the previous/next level changers
  • Random worldmap encounters can not happen at birth
  • Atamathon is now displayed on all tiles settings
  • Actor list display wont show the player anymore
  • Kill Bill achievement is possible even with the new troll boss (the last lore note drops from him but not on death). Still, quite hard to pull off!
  • Bosses will be marked as purple on the minimap
  • New starting zones for the Thaloren: The main thaloren camp, Shatur; the lair of norgos; the heart of the gloom
  • Timeless wont produce negative timed effects
  • Fix Aim to work as advertised
  • Fixes sand tunnels in briagh lair
  • Fixes the terrain cloning issue with Rune of the Rift and Time Skip.
  • Also adjusted wormhole entrance range.

Have fun!


You're awesome.


I don't notice the crashing of the game after a character enters the ruins of Reknor mentioned, unless it's fixed by one of the things already listed.

I'm assuming....

but I just gotta ask:

are characters from b24 transferable to b25?

I know, I'm a programmer too, and I doubt the data model changes would accommodate for this, but I'd really love to port a character so I'll be brave and ask.

Thanks for humoring my question :)


Reknor crash fix is part of the minimap fix.

As for saves, always assume they are not compatible

thanks DG!

thanks DG!

Thanks for the excellent work

b25 sounds fun, but this mage is so good it's worth save grinding my mage through the b24 reknor map issue. Thanks for letting me know I should persevere :)

Try using the new binary on the old b24

If you've downloaded b25, try using the new binary (mac/linux/win) on the old b24 files (backup your old binary!), I believe the reknor fix lies in the binary, not the lua, and the binaries are "compatible".

Old forest 7

Is there supposed to be a 7th level and why is it entirely covered in trees... I think i'm stuck in a bug.

Not sure if it's a bug or an "enhancement"

Not sure if it's a bug or an "enhancement", but the same has happened to me. In the previous beta, when you return from the lake, it acts like any other map, you return to the previous map where you originally exited. With this new version, I end up in a grove of trees, trapped. It seems consistent for me, I've run three characters through it (elf, halfling, dwarf mages), and all have done the same.

I just phase door or teleport out and it works fine. Of course, if you don't have those options available for some reason...

EDIT: Just got stuck in the trees with a Berserker that only had a phase door infusion of 6 tiles, preventing the above escape. Using a pickaxe to dig out ate up a lot of game time (I dug diagonally, 17 tiles!), but that's another way out if you're stuck.

Oops, would this be a spoiler? :P

Coz I'm dumb

"If you've downloaded b25, try using the new binary (mac/linux/win) on the old b24 files (backup your old binary!), I believe the reknor fix lies in the binary, not the lua, and the binaries are "compatible"."

Could you please explain which files to transfer, specifically? Loved the game, kinda lost the fun since my level 29 chara got caught in a bug cycle.

Just T-Engine.exe

Just take the T-Engine.exe from b25, and put it in the directory of b24. You'll need to rename the old one.

Troll Mire Treasure Quest bug?

I found the entrance to Bill's level in the Trollmire, and have killed Bill and all his friends, as well as looted everything there. However, the quest still shows as active. Is there anything else there I need to do?

Na it just does not complete,

Na it just does not complete, it does in b26