Donations fixed, reward coming soon!

When trying to donate some people got a very uniformative paypal login page, this is now fixed and you may all enjoy the act of donating to the game that brings you pleasure and fun! :)


Also, coming next beta, donators will get a little fun reward in game: custom tiles!

All donators, when logged on their online profile, will be able to use a custom tile for their character, chosen from a list of over 180, ranging from special clothing to downright madness, check out the video for some examples:


PS: There are a few donators who didnt donate while logged or from an email known to the system and are thus not credited as donators, when beta29 comes if you are in this case contact me and we will fix the issue swiftly!


Neato. And the @ with the hats? Awesome. Is this only for people that have already donated or will future donators get the same?

Looking awesome! Pyris311

Looking awesome!

Pyris311 it's for all donators, future or past.


Donated, after a few unsuccessful attempts over the last few weeks.

Thanks for all the hard work!