Tales of Maj'Eyal beta28 aka "Beyond the Darkness"

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta28 ! See http://te4.org/

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Release highlights:

  • Fixes most crashes
  • Many smaller fixes
  • Fixed character registration
  • Much improved chat UI, scrollable, items/creature link ability, spoilers channel
  • Various balance tweaks
  • Reduced the length of the orc prides and hte high peak
  • New unified and improved levelup screen
  • New items tooltips with easy-compare feature

Expanded changelist:

  • Confusion power is reduced by confusion resistance
  • Many new zone specific creature tiles
  • Reworked Aegis into a shield boost and replaced Contingency with Shielding
  • It is now possible to create rings and amulets from unique gems
  • Creatures inside the ring of blood can not see outside of it
  • Reduced the four Prides to four levels instead of five
  • Reduced the High Peak to 10 levels
  • The Transmogrify menu option is correctly filtered
  • Super high level psionic leeches can not get 0 cooldown
  • Equilibrium and Paradox now show failure chance in the left pane
  • Charsheet is on normal dialog background
  • New levelup screen, merges both stats and talents and adds way more nice stuff. Thanks graziel!
  • Dominant Will can not take control of dead creatures
  • Exploratory farpotal exits can not be dug away
  • Timeless does not affect timed effect with the "time" type
  • Reduced chances of orc patrols
  • Fix weird tiles/crash when coming back from the Fearscape or the Eidolon plane
  • Conduit does not make resting infinite
  • Oozes correctly reset their MOs when splitting
  • Added a 10 seconds timeout to online character registration
  • If a character has not been registered online the game is more lenient and can try again later
  • Assigning a hotkey to a talent now removes the previous hotkey for that talent
  • Mouse running will try very hard to avoid traps but if there is no way out but a trap it will walk through it
  • Fix a rare random start crash
  • Can not teleport outside the arena in the arena unlock
  • Arena unlock NPC is now a bit more visible in Derth and will also ask the player to come talk to him
  • Can not have two events at once in the worldmap
  • Two new achievements related to the "room of death"
  • Improved items tooltips with more color. Also when an item tooltip is show, pressing control will make it display the differences with your current equipped item for the same slot
  • The Trapped! quest can only happen in some places now
  • When using Dominant Will it is impossible to access the slave's inventory
  • Fixed the error spam when freezing creatures
  • Carbon Spikes will now regenerate over time
  • Anomaly chance is now reduced by willpower like failure and backfire
  • Switched anomaly and backfire chances
  • Elite horrors will be more dangerous and have more hit points (but generally rarer)
  • Carrion Worms are more dangerous
  • Dredge Frenzy no longer costs paradox (preventing offscreen anomalies)
  • Fixed precognition
  • Fixed borrowed time timed effect tooltip
  • Few typos corrected
  • Paradox Mage unlock made easier, the future self will now cast Sever Lifeline after about 20 turns which ourights kill the target 4 turns later if still in LOS
  • Disarm now requires a melee hit to work
  • Dying while confused correctly removes sustains
  • The last few creatures with a 20 FOV are now at 10 like the others
  • The heart of the sandworm queen now grants unlockable harmoy tree if unknown, learns it if known and increases mastery if learnt
  • When an NPC uses Feed on you, you get a debuff that goes away if the NPC dies or you switch level
  • When changing list in inventory or store display the tooltip correctly updates
  • When dropping items the inventory item description correctly updates
  • Dark Tendrils correctly checks for pinning resistance
  • Bosses whose artifact has alredy been generated will not be deprived of artifacts anymore
  • Arcane Blades lost the Divination tree in favour of the Aegis tree
  • rng.range, rng.float have now reversable parameters
  • The Transmogrification Chest now correctly handles stacks
  • Norgos correctly drops an artifact now
  • Borrowed Time is now a time effect
  • Random bosses/elites have a correct mastery level
  • Fixed a crash when selling item stacks
  • Rename wizard hat defender ego to aegis
  • Cancelling Disperse Magic no longer casts it on you
  • Unstoppable correctly prevents all healing
  • Items and creatures can now be linked in the ingame chat
  • Chat log can now be scrolled
  • Clicking on a channel name will popup a big scrollable chat log
  • There is now a "tome" and a "tome-spoiler" ingame channels
  • When messages appear in the non-current channels their button will glow and the messages will not be put in the game log
  • Ctrl+M shows the game log or the chat log depending on which window is active
  • Shift+space allows to cycle through chat channels
  • Gloves and Gauntlets artifacts now provide armour
  • Levelup indicator in the left pane
  • Fixed lore 2 of Lorekeeper Hadak

Have fun!



numeric keypad not working?

I can't use the keypad to move, whether numlock is on or off, I can't even rebind keys from the options menu.

This is on Linux, Ubuntu 10.04. Standard US keyboard layout, except that Caps Lock is bound as a second left Control key. It worked fine under beta 23 (last time I really played.) Did anything change regarding keyboard input in that time?