New te4 server incoming, higher fee

Hi my fellow players


You might have noticed the server had quite a few hipcups in the last days/weeks/months.

I have decided get a new server for hosting.

It will have 16GB of memory (2 in the current one), a quad core intel i5 2.66GHz (dual core 2GHz in current one), 2 TB of hard drive (512GB in current one) ! That's quite the next step!

And it will only cost 20euros more per month (for a total of 50/month).

So if anybody feels generous, do as Canderel did, make a reccuring donation, this way I can sleep well, knowing the server will always be paid :)


It should be available in about a week :)


Until then (and after that!) : have fun!

Great news!

Out of curiousity, who is the hosting provider?

OVH (; the

OVH (; the server is the 16G listed there:

Nice offer!

Nice offer!



And we are now running on the

And we are now running on the new server! Enjoy!