Tales of Maj'Eyal beta30 aka "Matrix Style"

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta30 ! See http://te4.org/

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Release highlights:

  • Mostly bugfixes
  • CPUs without SSE2 support should work again
  • Split Difficulty setting into Difficulty & Permadeath setting
  • Improved start of Cursed & Doomed

Expanded changelist:

  • Displace no longer works in vaults.
  • Feed no longer feeds on yourself when frozen.
  • Alchemist gems no longer become cursed.
  • Only *body* armor gets the Grim Craft bonus
  • Removed healing factor curses (which didn't work anyway)
  • Fixed the worldmap
  • Birth screen will not have "player" has the default name (unless using cheat mode)
  • Worldmap rivers will not make you drown, and thus should also save poor alchemist & mage
  • Added an option to the graphics mode selection to use a custom tileset by entering a folder name and a few parameters
  • New game option to change the log/chat log fade time
  • Setting log/chat fade time to 0 makes it never fade out
  • Fixed duplicate achievements granting
  • Achievements are correctly displayed in the ingame list
  • Cursed start with a point in Weapon Combat, making thzeir first few levels much nicer
  • New achievement for finishing the Abashed Expanse without taking a single void blast or manaworm hit
  • Doomed start with a point in Call Shadows
  • Split difficulty settings into Difficulty (Easy, Normal, Insane) and Permadeath (Adventure, Roguelike)
  • Improved melee summons damage
  • Archmages which do not start in Angolwen do not get the Teleport: Angolwen spell
  • When inside an exploratory farportal zone you can use the rod of recall to force an emergency recall, doing so however has very high change of permanently breaking the exploratory farportal
  • Laying multiple traps onto one an other will not destroy the last one prematurely
  • Bathe in the Light now deals damage to undeads
  • Shortened the Blighted Ruins to 4 levels
  • Skeleton and Ghoul player races do not have underwear when naked
  • Changed the "Blood" bar on the left panel for Cursed and gave it a correct tooltip
  • Fixed rush range
  • Fixed the tempest peak quest from Zigur side
  • Left pane correctly shows max hate increases
  • If the CPU can not support optimized LuaJIT, the JIT will auto-disable and let the game run normally
  • Fixed Air Bubbles
  • Blinding Ink gfx effect changed
  • Blindness/invisibility/stealth now correctly updates the display
  • Can not dig or teleport outside in the arena unlock zone
  • Improved the visibility of the Heart of the Gloom and Norgos Lair on the worldmap
  • Fixed some egos that granted an incorrect mastery
  • Slightly increased auth wait time to let laggy connections have a chance to auth
  • Rain fo Death vault is now correctyl flagged as no teleport
  • Ben Cruthdar in the temporal rift now has a tile
  • Doomed Shadows now enter the party and will follow between levels
  • Runic/Infusion saturation do not prevent entering the worldmap anymore

Have fun!


  • Runic/Infusion saturation do not prevent entering the worldmap anymore

That will definitely improve the survivability in the east and against adventurer parties.

Oh wow. Yes, definitely.

Oh wow. Yes, definitely. Adventurer parties won't be quite so much a death sentence anymore.

what is *body* armour?

Does body armour for Cursed Gifts include feet, head, hands, cloak, etc, or only light, heavy, massive?

Body Armor Jenx

Just light, heavy and massive I believe. :-/

possible chat log bug/glitch?

this doesn't happen all the time, but when i try to left click to move or attack on the bottom 7 tiles or so, often the chat log will appear. it keeps me from being able to attack my enemy or stategically avoid enemies because the only direction i can move is back up. now sometimes i CAN get down to the bottom of the screen but then i cant move back up again.

Yeah, fixed

Yeah, fixed