Tales of Maj'Eyal beta33 aka "Metalblood"

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta33 ! See http://te4.org/

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This is a quick bugfix release, please upgrade it as some vital fixes.


Release highlights:

  • Fixes a bug which prevented Dreadfell from loading
  • New "metal" UI
  • Multiple smaller fixes

Expanded changelist:

  • New default UI: "Metal"
  • Fix Vampiric Gift mana cost
  • Load Savefile dialgo is easier to use to delete
  • Celia's mausoleum cracks more
  • Shift/Control do not switch icon toolbar anymore (still do with the text one as it makes more sense)
  • Stores in ASCII mode are more clearly visible
  • Running tries to avoid water
  • Paradox fail, anomaly, and backfire calculations now take into the account the cost of the talent being used
  • Fatigue penalties for paradox spells doubled
  • See the Threads is now instant cast and costs less paradox
  • Precognition duration extended
  • Mutually exclusive paradox talents now say they can't be used at the same time
  • Targeted chronomancy teleportation effects can now backfire (leaving the caster standing one tile away)
  • Fixed the stealth equip bug
  • Fixed the border on Temporal Clone and made it a 'hit' talent
  • Ambuscade can not be used to duplicate items
  • Fixed quick entering/leaving a town for the first time borking the stores
  • Fixed a profile bug that prevented some people from joining in
  • Typos
  • Emote graphics updated to not suck
  • Fix Worm that walks bug
  • Fix Ambuscade bug
  • Updated tooltip graphics
  • Boss of the shadow crypt now can drop a related new artifact: Life Drinker
  • Fix Golem Pound
  • Update physfs to 2.0.2, fixing the "missing" dreadfell bug
  • Lost merchant quest works more like normal zones (code changes)
  • Fix a bug with View Highscore
  • Picking up when no objects are on the floor does not loose a turn

Have fun!

Good Job!

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