Profile server troubles: victim of the success!

The profile server has been acting up lately, while I was away, how nice of it!

There have been a great new influx of new players as of late and the server is just not good enouhh to handle them. I am working as fast as I can to rewrite it in a better way so please just hang on tight!

Thanks and have fun!

Could the server troubles

Could the server troubles also be related to the fact that the game keeps trying to get on-line (and, afaict, succeeding) even when on-line profile access is disabled? There are times when I pretty much have a non-stop series of "Attempting to connect," "Connection failed," or "Connection established" messages as I'm playing even though I don't have on-line connection enabled.

Oh, server troubles, that

Oh, server troubles, that explains a lot. I've been having those for quite some time now, I starting to think it was an issue with versions mismatch, bit confusing how in game it says 0.9.37 and on the site it called 1.0.0 Beta 37

Yeah I've noticed the large

Yeah I've noticed the large amount of new players.... Not a bad thing at all... And is it just me or has the amount donated gone up a lot in the last month? :)