Looking for video editor

Hello fellow players!

I'm looking for some competent video editor that could make an entertaining gameplay trailer (so base on real gameplay video footage) for ToME4.


I use Camstudio for screen

I use Camstudio for screen recording and VirtualDub for re-encoding. But that wasn't your question exactly :)
Virtualdub is quite powerful, it is able to add effects/filters etc., but I haven't used it in this way much.
You can find various alternatives, comments and information on this page:
This is the page I'm using when I know only vaguely what software I'm looking for. Also, it allows filtering by the platform (you haven't specified an OS).

What do you want?

Could help if you had some examples of other game trailers you like that you'd want to emulate in style or at least equal in production value.

Yeah I'll go look for some I

Yeah I'll go look for some I like :)


You could re-introduce CMOV playback.