2013 Modules Contest participants!

The participants list is now in for the contest in no particular order:

Yufra: unknown module

XLambda: unknown module

lukep: unknown module (Robot Run ?)

Goblinz: unknown module

unknown module

unknown module

unknown module

Hellfire (demon crawl ? ;) )

unknown module

Startide (sci-fi themed module)

tiger_eye: unknown module

Underdark (D&D themed underdark crawler)

  unknown module but shiren-inspired

O.R.E. (scifi scavanger game)

Grey: Mosaic and/or Rogue Rage

Qi Dao Zei (oriental fantasy)

The Town (crime game)

Roguishlike (classic ? dungeon crawl)

Multidimensional Mining Mercs (scifi)

Doctor-who themed

Leet: Candy Corn

Notorious (card based)

Runic (rune-based game)


Now good luck to all of you, remember the goal is to make a fun game, it doesn't have to be massive, it has to be fun !

Get back to your code and see you this winter!

If I forgot you, please speak

If I forgot you, please speak up, I may have missed one :)