Orcs Campaign Teaser: Planned zones

My minions,


The work on the orc campaign is going quite well and now is time for a little teaser of the planned zones!


  • Yeti Caves: The name is quite explicit, a cave, filled with yetis .. white, covered in fur, kind of like giant yeeks!
  • Vaporous Emporium: A trading place for the steam giants in the mountains. Beware of the guards!
  • Sunwall Outpost: This outpost blocks the way to the mainland.. what shall orcs do with it?
  • Internment Camp: This is were the remnants of the Prides are kept, mentally subdued
  • Dominion's Port: The Troll Dominion of the Kar'Haïb is trying to setup a permanent presence on Var'Eyal!
  • Sunwall Observatory: High in the mountains anorithils are looking at the sky
  • Ritch Hive: You love ritches! Get more!
  • Ureslak's Host: Your favorite unique dragon, now back in undead form!
  • Steam Quarry: Steam giants geothermal powerplant, a key structure in their dominion, it must be destroyed!
  • The Palade of Fumes: Hiding place of the ruling council of steam giants, your final destination! or is it ..
  • The Slumbering Caves: Deep bellow the palade of fumes, something is being disturbed..
  • Amakthel's Prison: The body of the dead god is being ressurected by one of the last loyalist Sher'Tul, the world is about to shatter!

Feeling teased yet?! :)


This teaser has me properly curious.



Sounds great!


Shut up and take my money


that all sounds awesome keep it up!


I can't wait to play as the (non-crazy) orcs.

Fighting against a Sher'Tul to save the world from amakthel is not what I expected but this is going to be awesomer than simply retaking the east. :D

I wonder if this might end the whole "Orcs are dangerous and need to be exterminated!" thing. :/

No idea who Ureslak is though.

I'm feeling properly teased.

Knowing that this update isn't right around the corner is almost depressing. The sheer volume of this update sounds grand!

Looks good.

Well, this looks pretty awesome. Can't wait!

new content?

Will it comes with new classes? the steampunk touch of this content make me feel like some kind of engineer class would fit well!

You can bet on it!

You can bet on it!

I bow to thee, oh Dark one,

I bow to thee, oh Dark one, for i shall play the vital organs out of that.

Giant Yeeks

Does that mean that we will fight Yetis with Psionic Powers?!

Other races?

Make sure you add the Beholder adaptation that's being mulled over on the forums (to this or vanilla), and this update will be perfect.

Is it planned to allow play as a non-orc race?

At least a non-orc is planned

At least a non-orc is planned (and already coded :> ).

Beholder-likes will be in at some point, either in the dlc or in vanilla ;)


Should we expect to regain consciousness while hanging from the ceiling of an ice-cave? Maybe a mind-star out of reach? B]

That'd be fun ;)

That'd be fun ;)

i hope "The Palade of Fumes"

i hope "The Palade of Fumes" is canon and isn't a typo.


Whatever happened to this?

Embers of Rage

I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be about Embers of Rage.