Ashes of Urh'Rok: Trailer and release date!

The date is finally set: Monday 27th !

The place: the Fearscape!

Ashes of Urh'Rok, the first Tales of Maj'Eyal expansion, is coming! Be ready!



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Do we have an idea of how much the DLC will cost?
Also this is gonna be awesome!

awesome! im excited! :D

awesome! im excited! :D

No work!

Woooooo! I don't have work on Monday! I can play allllll daaaaaay looooong!

Yay for you :) As for price,

Yay for you :)

As for price, 40 voratun coins :)

Important (if correct) details about the price

If I'm not mistaken, though, it's important to note that for non-donators (and people who haven't bought the game on Steam), that amounts to about £10. The "donator features" are automatically triggered and cost 60 Voratun Coins, even if you only donated enough for 50 coins, at which point you'll end up with -10. So you'll need to have a total of 100 coins to actually get the expansion. Unless there's some way to bypass the donator bonus and go straight for the expansion.

...I hope this is made more clear on the page to get the expansion itself. I'd hate to see people get upset that they've paid £5, only to see their account at -10 and be told they need to pay another £5 to get the thing they were after. People are far more likely to assume malice than miscommunication.

Finally a use!

Finally a use for all these dusty Voratun coins you keep throwing at me every time I try and give you my money.

Voratun coins and steam

So its my understanding that you get voratun coins for donating, so will there be any system for giving coins to people who bought the game on steam?

You get the same system as

You get the same system as everyone else. Go check your Balance.

Yeah, as enzan said, check

Yeah, as enzan said, check your balance and link your accounts and you'll get credited 60 coins (and it'll possible be used on the donator status)

Steam DLC?

Will it be available to purchase directly on Steam? PayPal won't let me pay directly with my card (I live in wrong country, obviously :-/), and I don't want to make an account. PayPal made some immoral things in the past, like freezing accounts of charities (Wikipedia has a long list of problems). I am OK with Steam though, and I would like to have the new DLC.

Sure will :)

Sure will :)

So I just noticed when I

So I just noticed when I logged in today and I had -10 voratun coins...
So other than a glitch how did I go about getting -10 coins lol...

You have donated 5€, which is

You have donated 5€, which is 50 coins. The donator features cost 60 coins (to align with store sales), but sicne I'm nice you are still able to use them.
So you have 50 - 60 coins left :)


Thanks for all your hard work on this DG. I'm too lazy to even fully type out your name =/


Really looking forward to playing this. Is there an hour set for it to go live, or are we doomed to walk the charred wastelands of Ant'eh Cipation for all eternity? Timezone?

Where is my demons? I'm

Where is my demons? I'm hungering for battles already!


Trust in the creator :D

More patience

Well :)

Hour of release: 17h GMT

Hour of release: 17h GMT !
The fires are dying, soon only ashes will be left.