500 years of mankind claimed by Tales of Maj'Eal!

Today my minions I am happy to announce your beloved game has claimed 500 years out of mankind: http://te4.org/game-statistics !
This is only counting people that do play online too so in truth many more years have been spent.

All hail me, the destructor of time!

Oh and you want to log in

Oh and you want to log in today. You REALLY want.

What was the reward?

What was the reward?


Is it still today, or is it tomorrow already?

501 by now

I remember saying to friends about this statistic of the game, last week... The total play time was 499 years 65 days 15 hours 4 minutes. It was two year ago ;_;

lol ;) Time DOES fly!

lol ;)
Time DOES fly!

I believe that the true number is many times higher.

I have spent over 196 hours on my Steam copy of ToME, but te4.org indicates that I've only played for 3 hours and ~40 minutes, even though I always play online to be sure to track achievements.

17 days

I have 17 days listed, which matches up with steam, but I'd already beaten the game (once only) before it even came out on steam, soooooo..... I'm guessing that's maybe half of my actual time.


And now, four days later, almost two more years were accumulated. Insane.

Looking at the stats, the number of deaths is just above six million. I wonder when the 6Mth death happened :).