A good surprise, a friend in need!

Those of you that were already playing 4 years ago must remember Susramanian "Sus"; who made made cool things for ToME like the Mindslayers, many vaults, the inscriptions system, the shield block system, the elemental staves system, many many egos, some quests, and so on.
Simply put he was great !

Yesterday he poped up again, saying he'd try to not code anymore because it takes too much of his time but we all know he won't resist for long ;)
So, welcome back my friend!

Also, in the years he left he continued on the gamedev road started with ToME and made his own game; he refused to post about it on tome's forum without contributing again but I think he deserves some help for all he *already* did!

So if you want to help one of the Great Dark Priests, go check out http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=531942024 !
I've had the pleasure of playtesting it and it's quite fun, obviously very far from what ToME is but that's great!
Oh and do not be lured by the mobile-ish gfx style, the game itself looks rather deep.
If you are a tweet-maniac you can also follow him https://twitter.com/NCRGames :)

Thanks my minions, you may now resume achieving many deaths ! ;)

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Oafmatch huh? I'll give it a go.

Cannot comment on steam

Cannot comment on steam because of dumb steam-guard-give-your-phone-number-away-whatever.

But really looking forward to this. Since the first PuzzleQuest, we still need a decent Match3-rpg type gameplay.

It actually looks pretty

It actually looks pretty cool, so I'm happy to vote it.

Mixed feelings

I love match 3 games and I love them even more when they're RPG!

But I'm not going to support this one though. While I don't mind the artstyle for characters and monsters, gems look really lame and uninteresting which is pretty bad as you'll be spending a lot of time in match 3. The UI also looks pretty awful.

It's actually very good

Having now tried the demo, I can see this is legitimately very good. A nice twist on the Puzzle Quest type games which is by far better than any of the attempts I've seen since the original Puzzle Quest itself. If it goes on Steam, I will buy it.