Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.4.0 aka "We are Doomed" is released!

My minions, I am happy and proud to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.4.0 ! See http://te4.org/


Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.

If your launcher didn't self-update correctly, just redownload it from the homepage.


This is a major release, as such saves are not guaranteed to work from older versions, though they mostly should. If needed the game will prompt to download the old game client.

Now I can work full steam on putting the finishing touches to Embers of Rage! ;)


Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!


Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( http://te4.org/donate ) !


Release highlights:

  • Big improvements to Doomed class
  • Big improvements to Reaver class
  • New cool default UI skin
  • Many misc UI improvements, with special attention to streamer's needs
  • Less need to scum for a good insane/madness start
  • Many code updates to let addon & modules developers get wild
  • Tons of various improvements and fixes


Expanded changelist:

Big Changes

  • Adds bleeding damage to Bone spells.
  • Sometimes, rarely, a special room will appear in the Infinite Dungeon to let you access the Item's Vault (if you have it active and are a donator)
  • New Doomed tree "Advanced Shadowmancy"
  • Allow selecting spell for Arcane Combat
  • Command Staff talent available to NPCs, which will now spawn with the most appropriate aspect selected.
  • Added the Staff Mastery talent to many casters (including bosses) that primarily equip staves.
  • NPCs will try to equip their drops if possible.
  • NPCs can now use item's power they have! Beware!
  • Vault loot can be 1 material tier higher
  • Adjusted material tier for many znoes.
  • Fearscape sustain cost drastically reduced but vim drain per turn increases each turn
  • Updated the Rush talent to allow targeting unoccupied spots
  • New Reaver tree "Rot
  • Buffed Corrosive Worm/Poison Storm
  • Deus Ex Machina achievement altered and now possible to get
  • Roguelike mode characters can now enter the Eidolon plane by a special exploratory farportal event, thus making Utterly Destroyed achievement possible even in Roguelike mode
  • Feed does not take a turn
  • Doomed Fears tree is at mastery level 1.3
  • Gesture of Pain doubles the damage bonus from mindstars and if dual wielding mindstars will proc their on hit effects
  • Made Gesture of Deflection not pitiful
  • Hateful Whispers returns more hate with levels
  • Rounded up Hateful Whispers range
  • Reproach does a bit more damage and at high talent level looses less damage per foes
  • Shadows summon cost reduced slightly
  • Focus Shadows now forces max shadows to appear before focusing
  • Shadows take reduced damage from their master, up to 100% at level 5
  • Unseen Force scales way better
  • Deflection now regens on rest, displays its current value on the icon, absorbs more damage and regens faster
  • Rares/randboss can not be Skirmishers, until they can be rebalanced next big version
  • Starting gold bonus on difficulty levels: 100 for Nightmare, 250 for Insane, 500 for Madness
  • Starting level bonus on difficulty levels: level 2 on Insane, level 3 on Madness


  • New default UI skin "Dark"
  • New big quest popup (disable-able)
  • Added an option (on by default) to auto swap tinkers when swaping items
  • Made the zone load tips look nicer
  • Big Character Sheet update
  • Show message if player fails to move due to encumberance.
  • New UI option to make a small flyer with talent icon and name upon talent use, for both player and NPCs; disabled by default
  • New UI option to get a visual feedback when using a hotkey
  • Right clicking on an object in the hotkeys bar will give a removal prompt instead of removing it directly
  • Main menu will now take on the UI theme configured instead
  • New option to zoom the whole screen, for use on veyr high DPI screens where the game may look too tiny
  • New tinker tab on the inventory for characters able to use them (like demonologists in Ashes of Urh'Rok)
  • Warn the player when stores restock
  • Difficulty and Campaign are set to the last values when you make a new character
  • Trying to force a recall from an exploratory farportal will not assume "Escape" key to mean "OK!"
  • Protect chat from urls with # inside


  • Resurrecting removes sufficating effect more promptly
  • Make Displacement Shield have priority over other shielding so that it can actually be usefully used in conjunction with them.
  • Corrected Harassed tooltip display (was 100x too high)
  • Lowered difficulty of Murgol Lair, specifically the alt version
  • Clarified Tricks of the Trade to make it more obvious that it does not teach Stealth
  • Devouring flames (and similar effects) will not try to heal the source if it's dead
  • Ritch Hive Mother is correctly set as female
  • Quest items/plot items can not be sent to other party members
  • Undeads cant use infusions instead of only being able to use runes (doesnt change anything for vanilla)
  • If the rod of recall fails to activate it wont go on cooldown
  • Buffed curse of nighmare to start triggering at level 4 (as the description was implying)
  • Yeeks summoned Wayists do not drop items
  • Party members are cleaned of debuff when going to the Eidolon plane
  • Primal Infusion scales with constitution
  • Mitotic mindstars do not copy if tinkered
  • Windblade has 0 range, so NPCs won't misuse it
  • Warn player that the exploratory farportal is broken even if there is less than 45 energy
  • Sludgenest drops Maj'Eyal items
  • Added new horrors
  • Updated Cyst Burst description to reflect that it can spread any disease.
  • Adds more zone-wide effects in. About half of them explain special level mechanics, the rest are just for flavour or some minor gameplay spice.
  • Shield damage correctly reflects no off-hand penalty.
  • Dug sandwalls have a tooltip.
  • Arcane Combat now interacts correctly with the Hidden Resources prodigy.
  • Adds a center view on player key command (Ctrl-Home by default).
  • Reworked interface Archery to properly handle multiple missile launchers.
  • Dwarves can no longer stone walk throught foes
  • Allow damage shields to merge
  • Clarify Arcane Shield talent description
  • Adds some failed necromantic experiment creatures to the Blighted Ruins.
  • Horrors are their own faction
  • Added achievement image for Best Album Ever
  • Altered/added a variety of Undead enemies
  • Draebor is even more annoying.
  • Reduced the cap on how much Sandman effects Insomnia to 12%
  • Reduced Paradox cost on Time Shield, Webs of Fate, and Temporal Fugue
  • Twist Fate gives audio feedback when an anomaly is held
  • Twist Fate gives better messages when an anomaly is targeted
  • Paradox Modifier can not reduce duration below one turn
  • Added text to antimagic quest to explain why Ogres can do it
  • Reckless Charge can once again go through crowds
  • Makes doors and known traps detected at range remembered (and on the minimap)
  • Makes non-player actors get the effects of their on-birth stats.
  • Make ALL_DREAMS unlock be granted even after killing the Mindworm.
  • Cancelling secondary target for Nature's Equilibrium now targets self

Dev Stuff

  • Added "callbackOnChangeLevel"
  • If a module or addon errors out on the loading screen it will jump into a "safe mode" to display the error message and then go back to the main menu
  • Changes disease spreading code to be more general to works nicely with any future or addon diseases.
  • Added Map:setScroll
  • Opening a door triggers a "on_door_opened" event on all entities at the same spot on the map
  • New ActorProject:getTargetLimited method
  • Added a util.show_function_calls() function to help find infinite loops and such
  • Combat:combatSpeed can take an additional speed
  • Added Map:findObject method
  • Added a generic way to get total shield block value, actor:combatShieldBlock()
  • Simplified support of double shields by enhancing actor:hasShield()
  • Forest map generator can require rooms
  • GameState:findEventGridRadius also returns the center of the grids
  • Generic triggers mechanisms added to let static maps do funky stuff
  • Moved greater vaults into data/maps/vaults/auto/greater; any files that addons add there will automatically be added to the list (for zones that do not enforce a specific list)
  • Entities lists loaded with Entity:loadList now remember which files were used
  • Modify module() a bit to prevent leaking the global namespace into each and every module and object.
  • Added an options menu to the birther dialog, for addons registering to it with "ToME:extraBirthOptions" hook. Only appears if addons fill it.
  • Added Game:isAddonActive method to let an addon check the presence of an other addon
  • Added "superload" function
  • Added hook ToME:birthDone
  • Resources now can have a wait_on_rest flag to make resting wait for them (if possible)
  • Move useResources to engine/interface/ActorResource.lua
  • Object's special_desc can return nil
  • Weapons can now have the "double_weapon" property to enable two handed weapons to count as dual wielding
  • "callbackOnTemporaryEffect" can now return true to cancel
  • New callback callbackOnDeathbox
  • Added hook "Faction:setReaction"
  • Allow static maps to define callback to be ran when the level is finished generating
  • Moved Resource definitions to data/resources.lua
  • Added support for depleted resources canceling sustained talents (resources_def.depleted_unsustain and talents_def.remove_on_zero flags).
  • Temporary effects on_gain/on_loose definitions can simply have "true" as the second return to make a flyer of the form +/- "effect name"
  • Added a combat_generic_power
  • New level generator algorithm "Hexacle" (yes the name is stupid, so what?!)
  • Cavern map generator can now accomodate rooms
  • Updated damage_types to use initState & useImplicitCrit; update your addons if needed
  • New extensible command-staff system. Possibly callbacks may be added to it, too.
  • In developer mode an error popup forces all other dialogs to disappear; making sure even level generation errors do popup correctly
  • Added core.game.requestNextTick()
  • Improve lore templating capabilities


  • Try to fix the gamma issue on some computers
  • Fixes bugs with sleeping characters being able to change equipment (put on a lucid dreamer robe, for example), drop and pickup objects.
  • Fixes bug allowing stealth to be used with heavy armor (by changing gear while it is active).
  • Enhanced stealth info.
  • Occasional turn loss fix.
  • Fix Rune: Biting Gale not being used by tactical AI
  • Solipsist unlock didn't work on dream altar, should now
  • Fixes a crash when the caustic ego corrodes armor.
  • Savefiles from previous minor patch versions will not require to check the "old savefiles" checkbox anymore
  • Savefiles from previous minor patch versions will not display the "download old data" popup anymore
  • Fix Temporal Fugue on traps
  • Fixed teleportation/phase door ending in walls in the Charred Scar
  • Fixed the racial talent description of Thalore
  • Fixed errors on death for players with a % in their names
  • Fixed Greater Crypt vault
  • Fixed windows scaling bugs on high DPI screens
  • Fixed the game not starting on some latest ubuntu installs
  • Fixed Skirmisher's Swift Shot abuse
  • Make Contingency and Matrix respect fixed cooldowns
  • Fixed flying text to not stutter while disappearing
  • Fixed targetting bugs in Retch and Stone Wall.
  • Fixed Twist Fate
  • New string.prefix and string.suffix functions
  • Fixed archery to properly do on_hit, on_crit, and on_kill effects for ranged weapons and ammo. It now properly handles single and
  • Fixed digging into icewalls
  • Fixed Tirakai Maul; lets see what bug it does next!
  • Fixed Frost Lord Chains
  • Fixed Time Stop + Contingency (hopefully)
  • Fixed The Mouth sometimes erroring out
  • Tentacles spawned by the tentacled totems are correctly named
  • Fix Overseer of Nations double bonus

Have fun!

What are the streamer features?

I stream this game quite a bit, so, what exactly are the streamer features?

"New UI option to make a

"New UI option to make a small flyer with talent icon and name upon talent use, for both player and NPCs; disabled by default
New UI option to get a visual feedback when using a hotkey"
These two options are pretty nice for viewers because they make followong what's going on much easier, especially when you're primarily using your keyboard

Same here, I've streamed

Same here, I've streamed hundreds of hours of ToME in the past month: http://www.twitch.tv/xeinok


Congrats on another great release.

Yesss..! This update is

Yesss..! This update is -really- great - absolutely great job from everyone involved!
Praise be DG!

Very exciting. However

However, I (I don't know if anyone else has had this problem) cannot start a new game now as it gives me a lua error and redirects me back to the main menu. I haven't tried taking off the addons I am using currently so I will try that right after this post. It also seems like my save files were all wiped (no significant progress lost, still figured I'd note it though).


Disregard. Addons not being updated for 1.4.0 were causing the errors. Sorry.


My first win was a Doomed, go the win on my very last life. I really want to take the new Doomed into Nightmare, see how it rolls.

Where the pirate love at??

I wake up every morning wanting to be a pirate so SO bad. My peg leg and my eye patch have barnacles and rust all over them because I haven't been able to be a pirate in ToME for so long. Woe is me. Why does no one remember and celebrate us pirates?

Try to play at 19.Sep,

Try to play at 19.Sep, landlubber


I love all the changes, but I'm really impressed with the new UI, it looks so goddamn pretty. Great job and thank you


I read the line "Added the Staff Mastery talent to many casters (including bosses) that primarily equip staves." and immediately I went to roll a Necromancer . . . and there was no staff mastery tree there. :(

The necromancer would really benefit more than anyone from starting with the staff tree because channelling a staff won't hurt your minions and thus would be an easy way for low level necromancers to actually contribute damage when their minions are in the way. Later on it still would be useful as a way to conserve mana and something that you could spam when other spells are on cool down.

Doomed Darkness

I can't get this version to generate a level, but when I do, the very first thing I'm doing is trying out Doomed creeping darkness on ASCII mode. I bet its still pretty much invisible. This is the type of thing that makes the game hard to play. It should be the same color as Cursed's gloom.

Same here. This renders this

Same here. This renders newest version unplayable.

throws money on screen, sheds

  • throws money on screen, sheds blood on keyboard, prays to darkgod*

Did it work?