New game released by Susramanian and myself: Oafmatch!

A new game from an old Tales of Maj'Eyal developer!

My dear minions,

A few years back when when Tales of Maj'Eyal was still very young, there was a player named Susramanian who made/suggested cool things like the Mindslayers, many vaults, the inscriptions system, the shield block system, the elemental staves system, many many egos, some quests, and so on.

Tales of Maj'Eyal owes him some nice stuff indeed!

So today I'm pleased to announce that for the past years he's been working with a friend on his own game Oafmatch and when I tried an alpha long ago I really liked it and decided to join up and help them. So here I am today, the game is now released on Steam, and on

But DarkGod, what is Oafmatch?!

I'm glad you've asked! To put it simply in a few words: Oafmatch is an hybrid RPG/Match3 game with some roguelike elements that combines traditional RPG turn-based combat with match-three mechanics. It even involves an actual story!

You build up a party of four .. let's call them heroes to be kind .. from a roster of 30, each with their own unique skills and you equip them with two of the many weapons the game offers.

The game's strategy and tactics revolve around six colors: red, yellow, green, white, blue, and purple. Each character is assigned two colors, a major and a minor one. A properly formed party will have all six colors represented; at least in minor form. Neglect a color at your own peril!

And then? You battle, matching gems to power weapons' special attacks to help turn the tide of battle! Or as our hero, Knuckles, says it rather eloquently you fix problems with violence! :)

Enough small talk, what are the actual features?

  • RPG / Match-three hybrid combat system: match gems, earn mana, trigger terrifying skills to crush your foes.
  • Sixty unique, equippable weapons, each with five different ability ranks.
  • Dozens of wildly different monsters to wreak havok upon your poor party.
  • Thirty playable classes, each with their own unique traits to master and levels to attain.
  • Huge campaign worth over 30 hours of pain, death, and light-hearted dialog.
  • Roguelike dungeon mode for an ever-changing (and ever-punishing) experience.
  • New Game Plus option, with shuffled loot and extra playable classes.
  • And full controller support.

DarkGod, this sounds dapper! Where do I throw my money?

That's rather easy to answer, simply click one of the two buttons below to snag it!

Oh and because I'm a nice god of darkness (yeah...) if you buy Oafmatch I will throw in a little bonus for your Tales of Maj'Eyal pleasure and give you one more Item's Vault slot (for how to get it look at the Netcore Games menu) !

Oh and please if you like the game do remember to review it on Steam, every bit helps :)

And now go minions, go have fun!


Are there any plans on releasing a Linux version? Or perhaps iOS and Android? I don't currently have a Windows computer, but I hope to be able to play this someday.

Sadly the engine but Sus used

Sadly the engine but Sus used (and the mistakes of the youth! :) ) can't do linux :/
It can (IIRC) do iPhone though, so if the game sells well enough there may be reasons to port it we'll see :)

Game wiki

Does the game have plans for a wiki or other way to look up information?

I could setup a wiki I

I could setup a wiki I suppose yeah :)