Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.0 BETA1 is upon you!

My minions,

The day of the Necromancer is drawing near! While 1.7 is not yet released .. its first beta is!
You'll find all the downloads on https://te4.org/beta-test

Please, try to keep all bug reportings on ToME's official forums at http://forums.te4.org/ as it is hardly feasible for me to survey 10 different location for bugs.

Of particular interrest is, obviously, the full rewrite of the Necromancer (you can find some more details on them there: https://te4.org/blogs/darkgod/2020/05/necromancer/patch-17-big-feature-preview-new-necromancers) but also the localization support.
The current beta ships with a partial Simplified Chinese translation that should be complete once 1.7 is fully released.
Also thanks to this framework it is now possible for addons to provide new translations for new languages easily without having to override 95% of the game's code!

One last thing for those new to betas; characters will NEVER validate in beta; that's normal and as usual importing characters across major releases is bound to not work all too well.

Changelog in no particular order:

  • Block has no effect against self inflicted effects to prevent some problems for Demonologists
  • Focused Wrath now also resets the cooldown of Mind Storm at talent level 5
  • Fixed Demon Seed spell of Ashes of'Urhrok from taking two turns when it auto-attaches a seed to your inventory
  • New minor demon, the onilug
  • Switch chat channel is now unbound by default, as it's not used much and people ended up on different channels by mistake
  • Reduce the size of Reknor
  • Fix Marauder, Archer, and Skirmisher not being taught poisons when siding with assassin lord for the first time to unlock the category on an account
  • Fix weaver queen's portal being destroyed by temporary terrain
  • Fix temporary terrain destroying the portal to return to Maj'Eyal in the Fearscape
  • Fix mastery and perfection egos overwriting each other
  • Fix save/reload bug in Hammer Toss
  • Burb now has his own tile! All hail Burb the snow giant champion!
  • Change how rares and randbosses are generated to be tree based instead of individual talent based thus making them focus on trees more and increasing chance to see tier 3 and 4 talents while also making rares easier to evaluate at a glance
  • Fix Shadow Feed mana regen at very high talent level
  • Tune down Grand Arrival a little
  • Altered Essence of Speed formula to be less punishing on high level NPCs and reduced its mana cost
  • Give Spell Shield, Blinding Speed, Corrupted Negation, Unstoppable, Disperse Magic and Shadow Simulacrum a lower change to appear on ranbosses
  • Marked for Death, Chromatic Fury, Haymaker and Bombardment can't be used by NPCs
  • Prevent Weapon of Wrath from showing on randbosses
  • Melinda has a new haircut (also available to players after unlocking redhair)
  • Malevolent Dimensional Jelly finally got its own tile! It is now MORE malevolent!
  • Full and total rewrite of the Necromancer class, I can't really give a list of change as 95% of it is new or altered a lot :)
  • Lich is now a race evolution for Necromancers, with it's own racial talent tree
  • Archmage's Wildfire, Storm, Ice and Stone trees are now available without an unlock (they still require a category point)
  • Cleansing Flames is now an active that sets yourself on fire to activate the cleansing flames efefcts for yourself and all burning wake/inferno damage as before. This makes it work with Spellcraft
  • Reduced cooldown and mana cost of Inferno
  • Merged Quicken Spells and Spellcraft
  • Added Energy Alteration in the newly freed Meta tree that allows to change damage spells types dynamically, hopefully enabling some fun multi-elements builds
  • At level 6 Metaflow now increases the talent level of all spells by 1 when casting them
  • Rework of the Phantasm tree, Illuminate is more useful, Phantasmal Shield remade, Invisibility is not a sustain anymore and has no damage penalty and a new Mirror Image spell
  • Enabled "WASD" movement (with an option to turn it off, and keybinds anyway). The big difference to normal movement is that it responds to key *release* and can combine directions. So you can do diagonal movement with just 4 keys by pressing two at the same time
  • Bone grab will correctly fail if not hitting target.
  • Fix Shattering Shout bug
  • Fix Sentinel not putting initial talent on cooldown
  • Fix Poltergeist duplicate uniques in the living weapon vault
  • Fixed an infinite loop between Flexible Combat and weapons with multi-attacks
  • Grapple will check if target can be silence/slowed
  • Stalked will not prevent entering worldmap
  • Eyal's Wrath have correct duration
  • Make using item that can use talents respect the talent's usage conditions
  • Fixed negative fortress energy
  • Fix Rune: Blink description and line of sight bug
  • Solipsism threshold fixes
  • Fix Disruption Shield bug
  • Shield wand and Healing totem now work with Through The Crowd
  • Fix skip learning a trap break player.restCheck
  • The damDesc talents function can now take a list of damage types and aggregate damage types can themselves define this list too
  • Nerf Grand Arrival resistance reduction andd buff poison AOE damage
  • Fix Hold the Ground description
  • Intimidated no longer prevents entering the worldmap
  • Remove negative resists from of madness ego
  • Remove negative resists from werebeast's ego
  • Remove negative stats from battlemaster's ego
  • Reduce freeze iceblock life
  • Nerf nature slow proc on egos
  • Fix accuracy bonuses matching their effects
  • Remove selffire from Corrupted Negation
  • Fix callBackOnHit damage going through Unstoppable
  • Blast can no longer randomly multihit
  • Blast damage now actually reduced by distance (up to 50% at max range)
  • Random knockback VFX direction now matches effect
  • Fix Unseen Force to actually use getTalentRange so it works with RAD, fixed tooltip inconsistency
  • Allow cancelling Temporal Form's anomaly talents
  • Fix Advanced Shadowmancy crits
  • Fix Vargh Redemption AI
  • Update shattering shout to modern scaling formula and cap radius
  • Move Blood Spray damage to after applying disease to avoids Virulent Disease being triggered and then immediately overriden by a weaker disease
  • Fix Advanced Shadowmancy tooltip damage
  • Remove Heighten Fear antisynergy with Darkness and Predator
  • Make hasLOS properly respect Dark Vision
  • Increase minimum level for merchant tunnels event to 18, saving new players left and right!
  • Fox Hold The Ground tooltip
  • Pride stair guardians are now rank rare instead of elite, which they already were in all but name
  • Fix Dreamscape/Fearscape fizzling on summoners instead of summons
  • Update Dream Hammer mastery to 1.6 scaling
  • Turned diggable walls into doors in some vaults
  • Fix Scattershot-type talents multi-hitting the player/breaking targeting
  • Fix Blood Vengeance
  • Fix Endless Woes tooltip
  • Fixed radius and target attributes for Vargh Redemption
  • Reduce damage taken requirements for prodigies that require those
  • Remove blighted summoning from gorbat, replace with grand arrival and rage
  • Add cost to crude iron battle axe of kroll, rungof's fang, mummified egg sac and razorblade
  • Adjust formula for Dominate resistance penetration and change cap to 70%
  • Nerf Rampage speeds
  • Reduce spawn rate of living weapons vault in halfling ruins
  • Prevent randbosses with a fixed class from rolling that class a second time
  • Remove the burglar's ego
  • Modify collapsed tower vault to make it more interesting
  • Give grushnak pride orcs -30% damage when randbosses
  • Add worms vault to dry lake of nur
  • Somewhat reduce number of vaults in prides and add new unique vaults for them
  • Make forest ruined building 2 vault more interesting
  • Make worms vault a bit more reasonable
  • Add language localization support.
  • New hooks "Game:changeLevel" and "PartyIngredients:collectIngredient", "Zone:InfiniteDungeon:loadNPCs", "Combat:attackTargetWith:beforeArmor"
  • Updated the way escorts are coded to make them easier to mod. To avoid stuff exploding too much in addons, the old hooks are disabled and now two new ones took their place "EscortRewards:givers" and "EscortRewards:rewards"
  • Added a framework to know how a talent got activated (by action, forceuse, callback, ...) along with passing this into to the damage projectors
  • New callback "callbackOnSummonHit"
  • New Map:removeEffect() method

A huge thanks to all those that contributed to help make this release!
And a special mention to Otowakotori for his (and his fellow teammates) amazing work on the translation framework.

Now go test and have fun!


How about a beta for Steam?

Steam Beta

Beta is up on Steam. You can find the code in the announcement on Steam :)