Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.0 BETA5 is upon you!

My minions,

The 5th beta of 1.7.0 is now available!
You'll find all the downloads on https://te4.org/beta-test

Ok I promise this is the last time I slip a new evolution in a beta!
But this one was ready, cool and already made so ... welcome Fallens! Class evolution of Sun Paladins, thanks a lot to Recaiden!

Please, try to keep all bug reportings on ToME's official forums at http://forums.te4.org/ as it is hardly feasible for me to survey 10 different location for bugs.
Do not use addons or DLCs to test it, as addons can always mess up the testing and the DLCs require an update to work for 1.7.

One last thing for those new to betas; characters will NEVER validate in beta; that's normal and as usual importing characters across major releases is bound to not work all too well.

Changelog in no particular order:

  • Tweak difficulty settings for nightmare (rare spawn rate increased from 6.77%->12.5%, zone level multiplier decreased from 50%->25%)
  • Buff the celestial/radiance tree
  • Give all melee classes that don't currently start with a point in weapon mastery at birth a point in weapon mastery at birth; this also serves to make sure randbosses have the weapon mastery they need
  • Improve Pace Yourself
  • Slightly increase dammod for knives (45% str/45% dex -> 50% str/50% dex)
  • Slightly buff glyphs by making them no longer prioritize yourself before enemies for placement
  • Buff Dawn's Blade
  • Make Vor Pride's special vault have a slightly friendlier layout
  • Remove digging from all vaults that currently require digging
  • Add a fun mechanic to prevent farming of ruined dungeon orbs to get alchemy ingredients
  • Lightning+daze damage type does not undaze if target is already dazed and it didn't re-proc
  • Fixed display issue with some languages in dialog boxes
  • Fixed Form and Function
  • Prevent learning traps from the library in Yiilkgur
  • Prodigies screen splits out evolutions from prodigies to better see them
  • Fixed npcs mistakenly thinking alternate Daikara lava is damaging
  • New class evolution for Sun Paladin: Fallen! Thanks to Recaiden!
  • Prevent getting prodigies you do not qualify for
  • Fixed some timetravel abuses
  • Changed Mindrot damage to happen on base turn but be increased global speed to compensate
  • Golem will correctly levelup when resurrected
  • Altered the Sceptre of the Archlich and the Ring of the Archlich to be more in line with new necromancers
  • Stone Fortress now applies half the effect when it is not activated by the racial ability
  • Eldritch Infusion now also provides a spellpower and mindpower bonus based on shields tiers
  • Stone Vines now correctly check for mindpower instead of just willpower to apply debuff
  • Stone Warden's Shard is not affected by counterstrike
  • Buffed Stone Vines damage
  • When in combat, Call of the Mausoleum tooltip will show when the next free ghoul will come
  • Surge of Undeath now speeds up the next free ghoul of Call of the Mausoleum and increases the duration of Corpse Explosion and Putrescent Liquefaction
  • Putrescent Liquefaction only ever sacrifices at most 3 ghouls and gives one free turn in addition to the 3 per ghoul
  • Fixed swashbuckler ego keyword
  • Call of the Crypt ensures you never overcap skeletons, if you would due to the free mage/archer, a warrior is deleted and its soul refunded
  • Skeletons, Bone Giants, Ghouls and Dreads will unsummon if removing points in their talents so taht they are not supported anymore
  • Swapped Putrescent Liquefaction and Corpse Explosion
  • Fixed party display to not show the levelup icon for uncontrollable members
  • Fixed over-generous calculation in Self-Judgement
  • Chat files can now use <<>> to make said text into italic green. Because I'm lazy.
  • Fixed Range Amplification Device from Embers of Rage to work correctly on hymns and some other
  • Aether Avatar penalty only triggers for spells
  • Equipping a belt of undeath or similar immediately stops suffocation
  • Dearth arena quest is now resilient to clones! BEGONE CLONES! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
  • Crippling Blight shows the fail% in the icon
  • Frigid Plunge damage fully ignores damage shield (because the wraith is inside)
  • Fungal Growth should work with effects that can merge (like Bloodbath)
  • Dread now learns its talents based on the spell level
  • Gorbat bamboo walls support displaying single tile walls
  • Fixed Cursed item curses from disappearing on level change
  • Toxic Death always spread Vulnerability Poison first and won't spread Stoning Poison to an enemy already stoned
  • Clarify Torture Souls description
  • Eternal Night now also costs 2 souls to sustain
  • Swapped max souls increase from Reaping to Soul Leech and made Soul Leech nonrefundable
  • Chill of the Tomb radius scales more like other spells
  • Night Sphere description shows radius, and radius slightly increases at high level
  • Discarded Refuse now scales the number of effects affected by turns but no longer unsustains itself
  • Fixed Curse of Nightmare harrowing
  • Fixed Conveyance spells targeting
  • Disabled Korean and Japanese languages in the selector, they are not at all ready for support and were never meant to be selectable. Woops!

Now go test and have fun!


And thus after years of playing tome I've discovered that orbs in ruined dungeon is actually puzzle that means to be solved not bruteforced.