Bug: Statistics not updating

Statistics not updating since August of 2015.

Bug: Statistics not updating

But It seems that the servers are still storing the information and unlocks for me?
So only the website itself can't show the newly updated statistics?

Same problem for me... new

Same problem for me... new unlocks are all accessible in-game, but the website says Last connection: 2017-03-09 19:31:09, and hasn't updated the achievements, etc since. The living (and mostly dead) characters do show up though.

ToME website isn't updating

ToME website isn't updating my characters' statistics either as well. Its been 2 days and counting. :(

Server not updating characters' statistics...

ToME's website isnt updating my characters' and friend's characters' statistics for 2 days now... so you aren't the only one unfortunately.

Hopefully it will be resolved very soon.

Bug: No Game Window


My game window doesn't show up anymore. I can hear the music playing, but I cannot get the window to appear.
I'm using Steam Ubuntu Trusty. Any idea about how to solve this?


Stats are working again!

Stats are working again! :)
(No data lost, was just aggregation stuff)