Died... in town!

So I thought after accepting the alchemist's quest that I'd check out the river encircling the town... well, I made it toward the northeastern side, and found that I was drowning, and didn't have enough air to make it back to dry land! So much for my character's questing...


YASD indeed :)

Holes in the walls?

Can we get some holes in the walls? Phase door probably would've saved you.

BTW: While we're on the topic, does drowning work on personal timer, or on global timer? Ie. Could he have lightning speed/movement infusion to get out of there?

My limited testing on

My limited testing on drowning suggests it's linked to your personal timer.

If we don't already have it, I could see doing a 'need air' display thing not unlike what happens for getting serious damage. Have it take strong effect just short of 50%, so us idjits can get back to land after noticing the whole air supply thing.