svn - Bill the Troll with a *(&^*& regen infusion...

I started an Archmage in svn and was doing just fine thank you, until I got to Bill the Bloody Troll and he had a regen infusion! Thank you very much, Darkgod.

Between the big damned troll rushing on me when I would phase away and having to use my own meagre regen and manasurge I just didn't have the DPS to do in bloody Bill.

I have been the same problem.

I have managed to kill him but now I don't face him until level 6+

I killed him with a level 2

I killed him with a level 2 or 3 mage without issue. He did pop regen. I just kept on him with Flame and it out dpsed his healing.

How do I find him?

Yeah, about Bill...

How do I find him? I've been walking around Trollmire 5 with my Cornac Berserker for easily ten or twenty minutes. I have all five tattered paper scraps. Do I need part 2 of the trollish poem too for him to appear? Should I try PD-ing into every remaining block of undiscovered area? What do I do?

Nvm, found him. He was

Nvm, found him. He was confined in the trees.