Successful compile from svn

After a few false starts, like trying to compile with the MinGW/SDL1.3 setup which I already had installed, I got a clean compile and successful create of a new character with the sources from svn.

I started fresh with a clean MinGW install and followed the instructions in the wiki.
What a concept!

How to get source from svn.
How to build dev environment and compile sources.

On windows? Did it take long

On windows? Did it take long to compile? I really need to learn to do this so my personal development version isn't weeks behind the svn.

A few minutes to compile. A few more to load the first time.

Windows 7 x64.

No, not long at all. A few minutes on my 2.4Ghz Q6600 machine. Most of the game is in LUA code which compiles when you start the engine the first time.

I should have noted that the make command in the wiki is incorrect if you have defined the CFLAGS environment variable. Just do "make CC=gcc" instead.

Oh, yeah, one more thing...

Get SVN and GIT from here.

This has SVN and GIT in their own MinGW/msys environment.

And I highly recommend making a backup of the freshly downloaded directory trees, because it's much faster to restore them when you screw them up than to download them from the net again.


Got it compiling. Hopefully it will run all right once it's finished :) I also used 'make CC=gcc" and had to do cd/c:/tengine instead of cd/c/tengine as the wiki said to find my way into the tengine folder.

Or not

First try hit an error, tweaked the lua premake file a bit and it got further but ended up hitting another error.

SDL.h no directory is the first error.