Urist conquers the sandhole

Finally, after grisly deaths in the sand by Rogues and Archmages and a couple of Cursed, a Dwarf Fighter named Urist (of course) has conquered the sandhole. Next stop, probably the Old Forest again to scum for regen or healing infusions before attempting the Daikara. I want something with 300 or more points and a relatively short cooldown. A "brawler's" or a "titan's" would be ideal.

I also want to replace that Sun infusion with a phase door or a teleport rune. Now that Urist has completed the Antimagic quest and unlocked those skills, it should be OK, right? Oh, well, I'm going to find out.

Let us know if it is OK... I'll be interested!

I've been eying that skill tree, haven't completed it yet, but tele or phase is just so important. :-/

Once you pass the test you can use runes/wands/etc.

It seems that once the skills are unlocked there is no penalty to using runes or other magic devices.

Congrats on the win! :) Try

Congrats on the win! :) Try unlocking the mage city after you finish the Antimagic quest. That way you can get better infusions and runes there, and maybe some rings and wands.

Some comments

Some comments:
  • Stick with either 2-handed weapons (berserker) or 1-handed weapons and shields (fighter) - spending points in both trees is not optimal. At the moment you are playing a weakened berserker without the nifty special skills of the class (Bloodthirst tree, stunning attack with a 2h weapon, more hit points).
  • As a fighter, you should normally spend points in Dexterity and the shield tree. Raising Shield Wall to 5/5 and using it makes you immune to stun attacks and increases the defense. You will only do perhaps 1/3 of the damage of a berserker, but you will take only few and not so damaging hits because of the increased armour and defense. One point in Assault and Overpower are enough in this version, but with Shield Expertise at 5/5 the special shields attacks will also be devastating. It is perhaps too late to change this build, but keep it in mind for the next fighter.
  • Health 1/5 is too low, try to increase it further for more hit points. You also need to think where to spend the generic points. Ideally, a warrior should try to maximize Weapon Combat, Weapon Mastery, Health and Massive Armour Training (29 points), which leaves around 12 points for the other skills (e.g. Antimagic, Trap detection, Track).
  • You have the Phial, so the Sun infusion is not needed anymore. Try to get a good Phase Door or Teleportation rune. A teleportation amulet (swap) and a teleportation wand are also nice. Try also to collect some elemental resistance rings, e.g. lightning for Storming the city quest and cold for Daikara.
  • There is a random encounter that could appear starting with level 20 - be aware that it is a very dangerous place.

Yes, I was thinking that I was wasting the shield skills

I realized that this Urist was wasting the shield skill set, but I got carried away by that stralite greatsword.

Man oh man

Found a really really nice randart great sword just recently and wished it was on one of the two-hander classes instead of the fighter I am currently running. Sad right?

I feel your pain

At least twice I've had non-rogue characters find both "Moon" and "Star" daggers in the Maze. And selling them for ten cents on the gold piece really hurts.

using magic breaks anti-magic shield

Sucks but true. Stick to infusions and left one slot to "oh shit teleport".

A general guide to fighters

I have written a general guide to fighters, dwarf fighters in particular.


It covers what talents do, which to raise, which to ignore, general strategy, ideal equipment, stats, dungeon order, ect.

Have a look and you might find some interesting tips/things you didn't realize/know before. If you do look at it, could you possibly leave a comment there on how it could be improved?