Ryuuji the Cornac Wyrmic

So far, I've been playing Ryuuji the Cornac Wyrmic as a rather unusual sword swinger with lots of tactical options for softening up tough enemies. He just finished off the Sandworm Queen which bumped Sand talent mastery up to 1.40. Now Ryuuji's Willpower stat is getting into the territory where he can start putting class points into Breath attacks. He's kind of spread out all over the different wyrmic talent trees at present. All in all, he's a fun character to play, but got off to a rather slow start and is somewhat hampered by the lack of stun resistance.

Some comments

The Berserk talent improves your stun resistance, but the cost (-10 armour and -10 defense) is pretty heavy. Increase Con and the Health talent for more hitpoints, and improve and use Ice Skin.

You can wear a second ring. Spend the 417 gp for better gear, e.g. your amulet, cloak and hat could use an upgrade (unless you intend to buy an artifact for 500 gp). Try to collect some rings and amulets for swapping.

But beware, in a few levels you can get a nasty and deadly encounter while travelling.