I didn't know this had a blog

The idea that such a game like this, a rougelike, need a blog doesn't really make sense to me. I would have thought that all the players would have fled to one of thier favourite fourms. Althought now that I know about it and the ability to write in-game I may use it. Although maybe not since it seems that as I'm typing it doubles up letters and spaces for no aparent reason. Example Sentence: II am a humman being wwho likeees to eeat foood aandd go for wwalks. It a pain to correct, so I may just post on the site despite the fact no-one will be reading these any way.

some people read these, but

some people read these, but community has pretty much enough with forum/discord/tomechat.

There is also steam forums, gog forums, /rlg/ and reddit if you really wanted some place else to write about ToME

i never had a problem typing here though, seems to be on your end