A newbie take on TOME

As my first blog post on this really interesting game I thought I'd speak a bit about my first days in TOME, as I'm pretty new to roguelikes and apparently pretty bad at it too :)

I found out about TOME from Ascii dreams, and at first I didn't like it at all, the gaphics looked awkward and the old rpg ui wasn't working, plus I kept on ending up dead, so I simply left it there. The second try was much better. I found out that my poblem was that on downloading oldrpg my sistem was renaming the .teea to .teea.zip, after that everything went downhill. My second character, a warrior, made it to 12, and I had so much fun with him, building him, solving quests like in the old days (by using your brains), killing the other adventurers for awesome drops :D

After that I recommended it to anyone I know, I really hope it will make it on Steam and that it will have a much deserved community of modders, that could make the game even more awesome.

All this to say thank you, for creating, sharing, playing this roguelike gem, much appreciated :)

It's good to see new players

It's good to see new players enjoying the game. Hope you enjoy ToME for a long time, it has great replay value!