Is it common practice to not use add-ons? Just curious about the general 'feel' in the community about add-ons. New player here btw

Whatever you want!

I don't think there's a 'feel' about add-ons.
Maybe some believe it's a hassle? Although i think it's pretty easy.

If anything you can play without them for a couple of hours and see if you'd like anything added or changed.

If you check my characters, i have a ton of add-ons applied. Most if not all are quality of life add-ons that don't change gameplay, but make my playthrough smoother, for me at least. The most uh unobtrusive one being simply a visible clock.

I would say to go through the add-ons list and just read some of em that interest you. There are ratings as well.


It would be nice if there was one that made it easier to compare items, particulary the infusions, I find it hard to compare them by having to remember the stats and look back and forth. I'll take a look in a bit, been playing and dieing, the usual hehe

More addons

If you want even more addons you can also check out my latest character(Alonra at the time of speaking). There is a lot of them but all of them are tested and working together.

Like ConJohnner I have some addons that are quality of life, like effects display or faster run/rest/explore but I also use many rebalancing addons that make some classes/races/items more interesting and fun (Arcanum, Verdant, Midnight are the biggest). I also use 2 addons that let me respec the charater talents anywhere and as many as I want and another that lets me unlock talent trees for free which some might consider cheating but I have them mainly for testing purposes (kind of quality of life too).

There are also many cool addons that add new classes to the game. IMO best of them are Deathknight, Dark Priest and Zephyr.

I've used the ZOmnibus pack

I've used the ZOmnibus pack of addons for so long, I basically consider them part of the base game at this point. Entirely just QoL stuff, but they add little things that make life easier.