Stream on Insane roguelike for chills

Hey guys, for a long time I've been thinking about making a stream on this crazy game. I aways see people so lost about it, struggling to get their way throught normal and believe it, I took a fine damn time to get my way throught that haha. This is a game where you have just so much to learn and until you get a grasp of things and the way to avoind getting fucked by eyal sometimes you start to doubt of our own sanity. But this complexity is what I love about this game. And after playing roughly a very unhealthy ammount of hours I think Im getting there. Nowadays I play only madness(you can call me an elitist lel) but trying to get my way throught new difficulties in the smoothest way possible is my thing. And I already moved into madness and honestly I havent got past level 40 yet but oh well its madness right boys. That is why I'm thinking about making a stream on insane, a difficulty that I hope that I pretty much got it figured out.

I don't use cheap tactics or what I would otherwise consider boring. I usually try to get throught content by facing it and using sheer power, preparation and fitting tactics where its needed. So don't expect drowining and stuff haha. My focus on this game is by making a really strong build that can deal with the problems you face while you have a nice time leveling up. I'm still not sure what I'm going to play, but I'll try to give constant tips and show my thinking so you guys can hopefully find your way throught this game.

Ill stream and probably record it so people can watch it anytime. but the live thing will probably be next weekend hmm like 2pm Pacific Time. Will update this as we get closer to the weekend.

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That'd be nice, maybe it'll help?

The problem with the people that struggle with normal is mostly that they play a couple dozen hours and think they have it all figured out (and tbh even 100h in this game is barely anything with all there is to learn, understand, and take in. It took me at least that long if not more for my first win.), ignore or argue heavily against experienced advice, and then die and blame all their problems on things like RNG and the game being unfair (which it isn't honestly), and refuse blame themselves and learn from their mistakes.
It's honestly hard to make progress and get anywhere with that mentality, I've seen a LOT of it and it happens often. I've even seen it bleed into threads in other games in the steam community hub like Dungeons of Dredmor, where people complained about how unfair ToME was and such things which made me frown a little to be honest.

There's unfair and then

There's unfair and then there's unfair. I think the RNG can be a bastard and it takes a lot of luck in some instances to get through some bottlenecks in the game. It also takes a good deal of knowledge (spoilerish) and preparation/skill (hours and hours of play). That doesn't negate the unfairness, just mitigates it. I've got about 400+ hours all told between old TOME and this and I've only got about 6-7 wins (not counting my arena win). One of the things that makes TOME harder/easier is knowing how to use item drops and items seem essential to winning. I think that is a blind spot for a lot of people. (Which is why some people lean heavily on the vault.) Others figure out how to work the game despite poor drops and manage to work out how to get around the power leaps that seem only doable if you grind or find great items. That's the nature of the game. It is not hard. It is very hard. It is not easy. It is very easy. A contradiction wrapped in an enigma, inside a ball of spaghetti. (Not that the code is spaghetti :p). In other words its a roguelike in a long tradition of roguelikes. Some people are more suited to playing roguelikes than others personality-wise. It ain't chess.

As to complaints bleeding into the community at large, consider that a part of the lore. It happens with all great roguelikes. It is a part of the "charm".

Yeah ToME is just a game

Yeah ToME is just a game where it takes you a lot to learn on how to deal with stuff. You have to be very very careful with your choices. Picking up skills thinking like "oh this looks cool" is not really an option and you aways have to think about the chalenges youre going to face like "I need to level rush so I don't get bursted by mobs before I get to them" or "I should level bone armor because Im too close to dying everytime" or even "I should go for some flat damage reduction cuz if I flurry a faerlhing I'm dead to reflect damage". It's just a lot of information and you aways end up finding new surprises that are hard to deal with. Planning ahead is key. In this game there are two very important things on you don't get fucked, to use right tools you have at the right times, and to prepare yourself to have the right tools when you need it. Some times doesn't matter how much or how well you deal with a situation, you just didn't plan ahead to have the right tools. And some times doesn't matter how OP you are you just don't take the right course of action and end up RIP, like hitting something while you have martyrdom debuff on you or ignoring a ritch flamespitter.