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A voice crying out for help from a Dark Crypt? How bad can it be...

Oh God... Oh God... Oh God... Elven Blood Mages, Cultists, and Corrupters everywhere!

I guess now I know why there is so much Dwarven Steel equipment laying around here in scattered piles... Please just let me make it out of here alive. It is no kind of place for a Dwarven Fighter to be.

OK... So NOW I want a house. Or at least a locker somewhere... ;)

I made the suggested Dwarven Fighter as my first character. Level 9. Doing pretty well. Maxing strength at each level.
Just found "Voratun Plate Armour". The first non-iron Plate I have found. Shivering with anticipation and delight I look at it. Glorious!!!

Except for one thing. Strength requirement of sixty. 60!!!! I am going to have to carry 17 Enc worth of Plate around with me for the next 10 or 15 levels!!! Cannot really be unhappy about that, but... Doh!!! The frustration. :)

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