OK... So NOW I want a house. Or at least a locker somewhere... ;)

I made the suggested Dwarven Fighter as my first character. Level 9. Doing pretty well. Maxing strength at each level.
Just found "Voratun Plate Armour". The first non-iron Plate I have found. Shivering with anticipation and delight I look at it. Glorious!!!

Except for one thing. Strength requirement of sixty. 60!!!! I am going to have to carry 17 Enc worth of Plate around with me for the next 10 or 15 levels!!! Cannot really be unhappy about that, but... Doh!!! The frustration. :)


With you maxing strength the 17 encumbrance shouldn't even be noticeable - especially sense you really shouldn't bother carrying around kit that isn't egoed, double egoed, greater egoed, or artefactual for sale. And once you do hit your encumbrance cap, just start to drop the lower material leveled items and work your way up. Really, unless you're actually going to use it, you really don't even need haul it out to sell it - gold drops are so high and frequent now that you can live just off of that really.

Also, the 'suggested build' you say you are using, is that possibly mine - found here - http://te4.org/blogs/finalmaster/2010/12/dwarf/character-builds-1-dwarf-fighter ?


The Final Master Build

Yup... Pretty much following your suggestions... Although I am finding that raising Dex and Con together works out better. And I race to Shield Pummel 5. So many things to Stun! :) My current DF is running around in a Gold Leather Bikini named the "Skin of Many". Level 11 and I have yet to even see Steel Plate. Light Fighter equipment coming out of every orifice, but no heavy stuff yet. Ah well... it will come! :)

Aye, by the time you get 60

Aye, by the time you get 60 Str to equip it, you'll probably have found something better than non-ego voratun plate armor, or at least something competitive enough that you won't regret having sold it.

Extra Gear

While you would most likely get better armor by the time you had the strength to wear that set, I agree that a chest, locker or house would be handy.

Possibly .. But you'd need to

Possibly ..
But you'd need to earn it :)

Earning it is good! :)

I like the idea, :) Or maybe a pawn shop where the inventory is persistent but has to be bought back?

How about the Ruined Dungeon?

Now that it is persistent I think it woudl make a lovely home. A little new paint. Some replacement brickwork. No window treatments needed... ;)

Next beta!

A house is coming!