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Cursed issue in Beta 20b

Is the "cursed / traveler" skill tree supposed to not be available in beta 20b?

why are the NPCs in escort quests suicidal?

why are the NPCs i'm supposed to escort so passionate about charging head first into a group of enemies that "I" struggle against?
Arent they supposed to be weak and scared?

going back to a cornac beserker

Bjorn the cornac beserker dispatche bill the troll without to much trouble seeking to further his adventure in the skellie caves, where he set upon Z'quikzshl the skeleton mold deftly dispatching him with Bill's old club (lvl 7 vs lvl 12)

Vimak the Cornac Cursed

Vimak the Cornac cursed was a powerful warrior casting his depression on his foes and though he rarely hit them with his powerful attacks in a battle of attrition he always won.

that is until he met a lvl 10, a lvl 11, and a lvl 12 rogue whilst trying to save a merchant. those enemies also had regen infusions and after much boredom and three wasted rezzes he sacrifices his life for nothing.

TSAA the Cornac Cursed

TSAA led an eventful life, after bearing the misfortunes of his curse he sought to find adventure in the world. his life was uneventful; slaying the odd boss; until his pasage into the desert. he encountered a vicious beast there that tried to munch him but failed. TSAA relishd in this glorious kill goin from LVL 20 to 30. on his departed from the desert he heard a maiden cries and sought to help her.

he failed.

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