Level 25 bandit on the second level of Kor'Pul

After not much luck running arcane blades and shadow blades, I decided to read up on good novice classes, and ended up picking up a Dwarven alchemist.

As usual, I was too bold. I ran through the Dwarven start zone no problem, and thought I'd breeze through Kor'Pul. The game even fast-forwarded me to the third level! I cleared the third level without problem, and thought I'd work my way back up, cleaning up level 7-9 mobs with my level 12.

But, nestled in the rooms of the second level of Kor'Pul was a bandit. He hit me for 60+ in each of two turns dropping me almost before I knew what hit me. Examined the logs. Yep, he was a non-named random level 25 bandit, just hanging out in a level 9 dungeon. I'll have to be on the lookout for that next time. =/

Be wary of doors that prompt

Be wary of doors that prompt you before opening them with warnings. Those are Vaults and can be very dangerous. Some players choose to leave and come back to these at later points because they know they shouldn't risk it.

I highly doubt that a level 25 bandit spawned outside of a Vault in Kor'Pul.

Welcome to RL

That's RogueLikes for you. ToME4 is even unusually "fair" in that regard. :)

That's an OOD

You stumbled upon an OOD (out of depth) enemy. You can have them outside of vaults in regular dungeons, though they're pretty rare. A while ago I played an Arcane Blade and went to the Maze, enemies were level 10-ish. Then suddenly I saw a Brittle Clear Ooze who was level 25... and who spammed more level 25 Oozes when I hit it. I finally beat it (by using stair scumming to rest) but it was a nightmare.

Now I'll know...

Yeah, he was definitely inside a vault. I'm still very new to the game and have always been able to clear vaults without much issue, so I don't think I was giving them the proper respect. Thanks for the tips, folks!


Yeah, shit happens