Level 25 bandit on the second level of Kor'Pul

After not much luck running arcane blades and shadow blades, I decided to read up on good novice classes, and ended up picking up a Dwarven alchemist.

As usual, I was too bold. I ran through the Dwarven start zone no problem, and thought I'd breeze through Kor'Pul. The game even fast-forwarded me to the third level! I cleared the third level without problem, and thought I'd work my way back up, cleaning up level 7-9 mobs with my level 12.

But, nestled in the rooms of the second level of Kor'Pul was a bandit. He hit me for 60+ in each of two turns dropping me almost before I knew what hit me. Examined the logs. Yep, he was a non-named random level 25 bandit, just hanging out in a level 9 dungeon. I'll have to be on the lookout for that next time. =/

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