He's quite scary, actually, most of the bosses are. Well, my berserker Hajmin would think he would be able to take on ol' magical tree, even forgot to activate his dwarfly powers. If you don't know what happens to a berserker vs. a tree(may apply to most bare melee chars), perma-stun and freeze imminent. I show my face, hid.. barely made plans but to bash him in the face, showed myself again, and PEEK-A-BOO, it's Wrathroot. No biggie, I try to smack him in the face with a stun, and in flashes of like 10 or more frames, I was dead. Freeze and stun was my last known inflicted damage, as I couldn't scroll up to see how my ass was handed to me, but lesson learned, FEAR THE CASTERS.

tl;dr: My dwarf berserker phailed fighting Wrathroot. Note: Perma-stun and freeze.

Question is, how do I ensure that is doesn't happen again? Cold resist sounds like the most viable plan, but.. my manly dwaft was getting stunned right back, which tells me there isn't enough muscle or something in him.

O' well. YADS.. I forgot.. DS is death story.. whatever..

How to survive Wrathroot

Try getting stun resist up or increasing physical saves. If you still have a hard time you can just skip the dungeon. There are now enough dungeons you can skip a few of the harder ones.

Berserker stunned?

Just pump Berserker to level 5... and it'll give you 65% stun resistance. And pinning resistance too...

Well, if you're below level

Well, if you're below level 5, you have no business in the old forest, so most likely he's already level 5.


The most important thing is a high stun resistance, cold resistance does not help against freezing attacks or stuns. You may also use a movement inscription, but it usually has a low duration. Another trick is to increase your global speed (boots of speed or speed rune for example, but not both); this may help to reduce the duration of a freezing attack.

Against Wrathroot, I don't mind the freezing spell if he is distant: you may be able to avoid the bolt, and his other attacks are only close range attacks (distance <=3 for the spells). A deadly combination is a close range freeze attack (Ice Storm spell for example) and stuns.

Thank you guys, appreciate

Thank you guys, appreciate the response! I never thought much about stun resistance or physical saves preventing me from being encased in ice.