Yeek ArchMage

My Yeek Archmage has made it to Maj'Eyal, only dying three times, yeesh. This is way different from a zerker - I need to pay even more careful attention to my statuses and hit points, as the simplest poison can kill me if I move once too much.

It's a much different play style - the zerker's strength is to wade in and kill them fast, but the archmage is very weak, having to run a lot until he builds up some power. I'm over level 10, but still extremely fragile unless we're at range, and in the dungeons range is a rare thing.

I've got some sustains now, but they're pretty weak compared to the monsters I'm going up against, and Halfling Ruins is full of archers and skeleton mages ...


Consider getting the Spell/Temporal tree early. Time Shield is amazing!

Time Shield *is* amazing!

Time Shield *is* amazing! I'm rockin' it now.

I heard you like shields....

Archmages can be very fragile starting up, but once you get some of their shielding abilities up they can be nearly impossible to kill. Between mana shield, time shield, deflection shield, shields from heals, a shielding ruin (or even reflection if you get lucky) and aegis, you'll have the equivalent of a few thousand HP. About the only thing that can really mess with you is silence, manaburn, and possibly confusion. Build up resistances for that and you should be fairly golden, though it is still important to keep an eye on your shields, since they can run out of time before hp occasionally, leaving you suddenly with far less defense than you expected.


Wow, lost both remaining lives in the slime tunnels.

50th level archmage, all the shields and aegis, boatload of sustains, 650 HP/mana. First pedestal was a 14,000+ HP forge giant who took me to Fearscape and roasted me in four turns - blew through my shielding and dropped a thousand points of fire damage on me (after the 53% fire resist). Having the deflection shield up turned out to be a mistake, as his own fire attack healed him - he was at 100% when I went to Eidolon.

I geared up, went back, and ran - I had spent a lot of points on speed, and some of my gear had movement bonuses, which had served me well throughout the game - fast moves, a randart pick with a 10% spell cooldown bonus, and the Staff/Hat set with -1 Manathrust cooldown let me dish out the damage fast. Maybe I could just hit the other pillars and dodge the big nasty ...

Alas the second pillar was a repeat of the first - only 3,000 HP on the gwelgoroth, but multiple dual-critical darkness attacks did me in, the darkness heal affinity notwithstanding. One tactical error, trying to use a magic effect removal icon from a piece of gear I wasn't wearing at the time wasted a turn by putting it on instead ... and down went the shields, and all his health. That's the last mistake Megalord will ever make.


Strange, I didn't think displacement shield reflected the damage type back, I thought it was just raw damage of some other form. I suppose I've never looked at it quite thoroughly enough. That is good to know though for next time I run into something that heals/is immune to its own main damage type.

Hm, we were in Fearscape -

Hm, we were in Fearscape - maybe it was the native fire damage...

In any case, it seems I need to learn how to build an archmage that can handle something that deals out so much damage over an extended period. I suppose I had gotten lazy with the shielding and teleport - but, after all, that *did* get me through the whole game ... ;-)

Fearscape Hurts

I just recently fought the grand corrupter. He fearscapped me of course, and despite the fact that I could regen something like 60hp/turn, had 3 heals, and an antimagic shield, he killed me easy and I couldn't hold any damage on him. I was in adventure so I came back and his fearscape was down. I killed him in like 4 turns after that. So fearscape makes an absurd impact, especially on boss type enemies.

Stay out of range

Fearscape has a very limited range (5?) so if you stay far enough away you won't get sent into the Fearscape. Doable for ranged characters. If you have antimagic, try to spam mana clash to remove all of their Vim so they either can't cast Fearscape or can't sustain it for long.