Urthol bugged

Is anyone else unable to do the necromancer unlock with the most recent version of TOME? I have been unable to partake in the alchemist quest with him in two playthroughs now, and therefor have been unable to unlock necromancer.
Just thought I'd ask if anyone else noticed this.
(I'm running Ashes of Uhrok, incidentially, and no other mods)

To Clarify

So...a few things...

Urthol is the merchant you save in the "Trapped!" quest. *Ungrol* is the alchemist in Last Hope involved in the alchemist quest. I am not sure what you mean by "unable to partake," but the alchemist quest does not have anything to do with unlocking necromancer.

http://te4.org/wiki/Unlockables will point you toward what you need to know, but beware that it contains many spoilers.

Hm, I am not able to get any

Hm, I am not able to get any dialogue for him to brew potions, nor unlock the graveyard (which I could in prior versions of the game), so I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing wrong, since I'm not actually, well, doing anything different than what I used to. The only thing I'm getting is the offer to make a unique item for 4k and his shop menu, nothing else.

Urthol vs Ungrol

Urthol is the merchant. Ungrol is who you want to see - he's the alchemist in southeast Last Hope.


I am offiically deaf dumb and blind and bow my head in shame. I was convinced they were the same guy for some reason <.<

Thank you all for your patience and the help. It's appreciated!

I also don't know what it

I also don't know what it meant by "unable to partake", but talking to Ungrol *is* required for unlocking necromancer. You need to get the Last Hope graveyard showing. My guess is that for whatever reason Vault404 isn't able to talk to Ungrol. I have done it many times on this version, but I'm not running Ashes of Uhrok. Any chance of having a clearer description of what you are doing? For example, this is what happens when I do it:


I go to Last Hope. I visit the shop that Ungrol is in. I pick a type of potion to help him make. He asks me if I will help him find his friend. I say yes. When I exit Last Hope I see the Last Hope Graveyard. I am able to complete the Necromancer unlock because of this.

First of all, thanks for

First of all, thanks for trying to help. It's interesting that you don't have Ashes installed, and maybe that's the issue? I'll have to try a run-through without it next and see if that changes anything.

What you just described is exactly what doesn't happen when I go to his shop. Instead, I get this.

If you don't mind I'll just type it all out. So,


Urthol's Wondrous Emporium:

Ah, my good friend [Charname!
Thanks to you I made it safely to this great city! I am planning to open my most excellent boutique soon, but since I am in your debt, perhaps I could open early for you if you are in the need of rare goods.
I eventually plan to arrange a truly unique service for the most discerning of customers. If you come back later when I am fully set up I shall be able to order you something quite marvellous. For a perfectly suitable price of course

A)Yes, please, let me see your wares (-> opens a shop window)
B) Sorry, I have to go

Let me start up a game without Ashes installed and see if that changes the dialogue. It may take a bit til I reach the same stage, though. Bear with me :)

Urthol vs Ungrol

You're talking to Urthol. Not Ungrol. Wrong dude.