Beginner's Guide 2.0 Episode 4 is up!

I must apologize for being gone so long, but, I'm back now!



So for a newb guide, I think 30+ minutes is WAY too much.

Re: Guide Length

You could always try reading a guide, but some people prefer audio and some visuals to go along with that, so to each their own. The game is complicated anyways, 30 minutes is probably a little long, but irregardless I'm sure that's ample time to explain the game mechanics and whatnot.

I disagree

Some games need a long tutorial to really learn properly. When I was learning EUiv I watched a ~4 hour tutorial on Youtube. The length may be a turnoff to some people, but others, such as myself, appreciate the detail.

30 mins is pretty average for

30 mins is pretty average for an introductory LP for a reasonably complex game. If you look at something with a similar learning curve - Rimworld, Stellaris, etc - 30 minutes is typical. Get into something madly complex like CK2 or Distant Stars, and they can spend an hour before they unpause the game.

You know there's a pause button, right?