My First Quest as a new adventurer: Killing the Lone Wolf

Killed bunch of slimes at the forest`s entrance, then found a huge nest of snakes - fortunately I was prepared for that battle. The shielding skills were very helpful. I was tasked by the vilagers to kill the Lone Wolf. He seemed strong but not against someone like me...a folk who`s always prepared.

Did you get him?

What happened to the Lone Wolf? Have you managed to defeat him?

What happened next ?

Was he too confident ? Did he perish ?

What Wolf, again?

Was he a Grey Wolf or a Siberian Wolf?

Worst cliffhanger in all of ToME

We, the people are in dire need of closure to the adventures of the new adventurer who was about to kill the Lone Wolf.
Have the preparations been good enough?

Unsolved Mysteries Part 1

I'm from the Unsolved Mysteries program, if anyone knows how this mystery was ever resolved let us know at