Can't log in.

So, I have 1.2.4 and I can't log in to the game server with either of my accounts. Password is correct and everything, but it tells me that I have given the incorrect login.

Same here

It might even be why the Ashes DLC isn't working for me.


It also lists my donator status as disabled and the stonewarden as inactive. :/

Same Here

Yep... Ashes fails to work too when login randomly fails.

I have experienced the same..

I have experienced the same..


Not sure if it is Ashes itself, or higher server load since the expansion or what, but I've been getting disconnected from the server or unable to log in in the first place constantly since ashes came out. Really annoyed me when my level 37 doombringer suddenly became unverified.

Work is going on to try to

Work is going on to try to make it more stable