Always extinguish your golems in public places!

Alchemist golems have a fairly buggy move called molten skin. It is the final ability of its "magic" skill tree. Here is my advice: skip it.

1. The golem will not use this ability if you are within its aura radius because it believes this will damage you. (It is the same reason a hydra will not use it's breath attack if a friendly is in the way)

2. 10ish damage/round at level 12 is pitiful damage.

3. The golem will use the skin in town, like say, a town where the locals are quick to anger like the Gates of Mourning. It will nick one of the guards and you'll find that your game is now over because the entire town hates your guts.

Until next time, please observe the no flaming golems sign.


Carry large buckets of water just in case?

That's why

I don't give my golem any of the AoE abilities. Too likely to hit friendly fire, and ruin my game.

Can either the AI or the effect on one or both of them change so that we can use these abilities on the golem?