Arcane Gladiator

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v0.1 -- Initial release
v0.2 -- Interim release

A few minor changes to the skill-tree configuration and stats.
This version will be the last for the stand-alone AddOn of the ArcGlad; future incarnations will appear in a class pack I'm releasing soon(ish). A brief progress report can be found at the "Arcane Gladiator forum discussion thread" link below.

Arcane gladiators are professional arena combatants that have learned to enhance their combat prowess with magic.
Typically rampaging against a single foe with two full-sized weapons magically imbued with elemental energy, these versatile warriors are also capable of multi-target strikes to deal with groups.
They have also learned how to quickly maneuver and even teleport around the battlefield, meaning arcane gladiators are able to chase down escaping enemies.

This is my first AddOn for ToME4; suggestions in regards to balance will be appreciated.

So what are you waiting for? 'Ave a go, ya mug!

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