endless woes

Elemental Woes

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This addon changes the Elemental Surge and Endless Woes prodigies to have effects for all damage types.

Effects for Elemental Surge are:
Physical: Damage Shield
Fire: Increased damage
Cold: Same Ice shield as original
Lightning: Same Pure Lightning effect
Acid: Dissolves all debuffs on you
Light: Increases your defense and light radius
Darkness: Makes you invisible
Arcane: Same spell speed boost as original
Nature: Heals you
Blight: Protects you from critical hits and gives -100 die at life
Mind: Reduces the duration of incoming debuffs
Temporal: Global speed boost

Effects for Endless Woes are:
Physical: Knockback
Fire: Flameshock
Cold: Frozen Feet
Lightning: Reduced critical hits
Acid: Same corrosion as original
Light: Reduces defense, stealth and invisibility
Darkness: Same blindness as original
Arcane: Silences
Nature: Slippery Moss
Blight: Drains stamina and increases equilibrium
Mind: Same confusion as original
Temporal: Same slow as original

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