Hiveminder (Wilder Class)

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Adds Hiveminders, an insect-themed wilder class, as a birth option. Hiveminders are a melee class specialising in dual-wielded daggers or psiblades. They command their vast hivemind to lend them potent support and utility powers which make up for their lacking offense.

Hiveminder talent trees include:

Hivemind: Resonate your mind with your insects to enhance your perception and enthrall enemies!
Swarm: Command a swarm of stinging insects to protect you from harm or torment your foes!
Floral Kinship: Draw upon the bond between insects and plants to become closer to Nature!
Silk: Spin sturdy threads of silk to bind foes, mend your wounds, and more!
Insect Morph: Borrow the strength of the insect world to enhance your own strength!
Metamorphosis (locked): Renew, heal, and vitalise yourself with the power of insect life cycles!
Parasitism (locked): Embrace the dark side of insect symbiosis to devastate your foes, at a price!
Insect Guardian (locked): Befriend a duo of loyal scarab beetles as lifelong companions!

Hiveminders also have access to the Combat Training, Lethality, Call of the Wild, and Mindstar Mastery generic trees by default, and can additionally unlock the Fungus and Mobility trees through levelling up.

Power is a subtle thing, adventurer. The smallest of factors can make the greatest of differences.

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