Online profiles: first stats

Online profiles have multiple purposes:

  • To let players automagically transfer unlocks/achievements/... from one computer to an other
  • To let players display their stats on the web (currently in development)
  • To give me stats so I can enhance the game

So I compiled a few fun stats today, my first ones!

Today as of 01:00 the 15th september 2010 and since the release of beta9 the 14th august:

  • 437 online profiles registered
  • 414 online profiles that logged on more than once
  • A total of 184 days, 11 hours, 44 minutes and 7 seconds have been spent by all players inside ToME4
  • The deadliest monster of all times is .......... the RATTLESNAKE ! Closely followed by the forest troll

Voila! Have fun! Enjoy ToME4 and T-Engine4 !

PS: And remember people, rattlesnakes poison and every character starts with cure poison potions!

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