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  • Too Hard   6 years 25 weeks ago

    I agree that seemingly instadeath situations are bad and should not happen like that.
    If you played since the early betas you'll know that I'm working toward making the game more fair and balanced. Always :)

    That said, loosing high level chars is also the very definition of game with permanent death, that can not be denied (and ToME is nice on that account, you can ingame ways of resurrecting and the extra lives is easy/normal mode).

    As for your comments gandolfo I certainly welcome them, only through such things can the game improve :)
    About the keybinds though I do not really agree, what more would you like ?
    Quaffing potions/reading scrolls is useless since there are no more. So really you only need one command to use the odd activable item or to inscribe an infusion/rune.

    As for shoot, it should not be a specific key. Why ? Because it's a ranged attack like any others, why should it have a specific key? If it had, then manathrust should too, and Flame, and Lightning, and Drain and ... :)
    Now if the problem is that you'd prefer to shoot by pressing 'f' that I can understand and it's easily doable. Say you put you Shoot on hotkey 1, just go to the keybind menu and bind hotkey 1 to 'f' and you're done. You can also bind items to hotkeys BTW and you do get 36 hotkeys, which should be largely enough for all classes.

    Thanks for your comments, hope youre back soon!

  • Too Hard   6 years 25 weeks ago

    Never saw the house quest or any vaults.

    Look forward to encountering that feature.

    Mostly I'm glad that beta 18 fixed the golem problem. My first Alchemist was nicely monstered by his disgruntled pet from not being careful with cast paths. :p

  • Too Hard   6 years 25 weeks ago

    Just lost my lvl 23 Alchemist to a monster summon trap. 1 second, no monsters. Next second, I'm surrounded by 15 mobs that use AoE effects, breath weapons and multiply. Tried out Gem Portal to get out of the mess, as supposedly it's meant to move you up to 10 squares... didn't move at all. Used a shock then to push mobs out to hope to get to run to door, but just led to there being another 7-10 mobs. Regen and Shielding couldn't cope with the 300+ dmg/rnd. My 600hp golem was killed in one round.

    Really sucks to lose a well geared character that was progressing very well to another monster zerg from a trap or effect that gave no warning - even with talents/gear to show traps/invis etc; combined with a broken game mechanic. Documentation really sucks if you want to do any reading on talent trees or spell usage.

    I'd removed my Phase rune after it repeatedly put me in a worse scenario that I wanted to get out of. Found a magic scaling shielding rune that up until the death point, easily got me out of any bad situation.

    So now ultimately, I still have no idea what mechanic of the game led to there being so many mobs instantly appear at once at certain locations. Cannot avoid or handle differently the unknown.

    After playing roguelikes since basically their inception, and experiencing most which exist, I'll easily say this is one of the best in how it looks and plays. Facing 30%+ of a total zone's mobs as you first enter was tough. How easily a well geared, experienced stat/resist balanced toon can be wiped in 3 rounds is just disappointing.

  • Too Hard   6 years 25 weeks ago

    Some answers and comments:

    a) I also miss some keys like a dedicated command to shoot a bow or sling. On the other hand there are already 36 commands that can be shown in the box by switching pages with PageUp/PageDown. Tab also shows a list of monsters in line of sight and their distance which is really useful.

    b) A guide for new players could be useful, as well as additional warnings (e.g. before doing something that will end a quest).

    c) The house is a nice achievement, and I hope that DG will add more functions later. Before this version I usually used a vault to store non-needed items.

    d) Escort quests are hard because of the idiotic behaviour of the NPCs. A good solution would be to have a chat menu with some orders (stay here, follow me in 6 tiles distance, don't leave my side and so on). Mages have it easier because controlled phasedoor, time prison, stone wall can be used to keep the NPC safe.

    d) Yes, archers and mages are more dangerous than pure melee NPCs (at least in the west). You need a good ranged defense, good armour, or good physical defense against archers and good resistances against mages, and both is difficult to obtain early in the game. It is easier to increase constitution early on and to learn/increase the Health talent. Another thing to note is that you can dodge projectiles like some spells or arrows, e.g. by going one step backwards, and that mages and archers will not attack with projectiles if another monster is between them and you.

    e) About the graphic effect: The effects can be disabled in the main menu (ESC->Video Options->Framebuffers:disabled).

  • Too Hard   6 years 25 weeks ago

    I am not sure I completely agree with you, though I do think it would be good for tome to accommodate different peoples tastes and difficulty degrees.

    I have an idea (I need to propose it to DarkGod), which I think would be an improvement, and add a great deal more customization to difficulty levels.

    Yes, escort quests are hard, but they are worth it. I am able to save 90+% of mine though escorts on the boss levels are pretty much doomed.

    I would agree that in Maj (not the far east) that melee monsters get weak to you fast (unless they are skellies), but in the far east they are still harder. I guess it really is because most melee monsters in Maj do not use weapons, so their damage is restricted some.

    Confuse is a pain and one of the best resistances to get, I do think that it could be improved on more (mental save is the hardest one to increase)

    All that said... don't stay away too long.

  • A voice crying out for help from a Dark Crypt? How bad can it be...   6 years 25 weeks ago

    I made it out of the Dark Crypt and back to Derth alive. Apart from a lingering rash I could almost believe it was all a bad dream.

  • A voice crying out for help from a Dark Crypt? How bad can it be...   6 years 25 weeks ago

    I though the prior four levels of this putrid Crypt had left me numb to any further Horror, but I was wrong. When I finally made it down to the bottom level I saw the poor lass whose screams I had heard stretched out across a black alter. Acolytes of this foul Sect barred my path and I was weighed down by the press of disease and ague. To my eternal shame I could not move quickly enough to save her before the ritual reached its grisly end. Doubtless it will be scant comfort to her family that I slew the Demon Kryl-Feijan once it burst forth and all of the Acolytes of its foul Sect have been sent to their just reward. Hopefully her spirit will rest easier, but mine will be forever burdened.

    How I am still alive I know not, for despite my skills I felt myself at Deaths Door many times. Fortunately the Blood of Life still courses through my veins and things seem to have been Easier on my than would be Normal. Verily were I a cat I would have no lives left to me, for a have felt the Veil grow thin fully nine times in this place. The way out is still far from certain, but all I can do is press on. A small fortune in equipment lies scattered on the levels above me, but I am already heavily burdened. Even so I will count my life as the greatest treasure I could emerge with. A small flicker of hope has kindled in my breast that I may once again see the light of day. It is an strange thing for a Dwarf to yearn for the sight of the sun, but after this place even the tunnels of home may not feel welcome.

    Enough of this... It is time to press on.

  • T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta18 aka "V" unleashed!   6 years 25 weeks ago

    There is a slight bug in b18, I have replace the archive it should work, please redownload it.

  • T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta18 aka "V" unleashed!   6 years 25 weeks ago

    >Bad game version detection will switch to a "development" profile >automatically

    What does it mean by a 'Bad game version'? I have logged in with my normal online-profile but when I start playing beta18, it displays the message "Profile disabled(switching to development profile) due to no online profile active.". Yet when I save and exit, the 'player profile' shows me as logged in.

  • A voice crying out for help from a Dark Crypt? How bad can it be...   6 years 25 weeks ago

    The one time I got that quest I made it out of there literally by the skin of my teeth...ok so maybe a little exagerated...wasn't really literally but still ...close call...

  • A voice crying out for help from a Dark Crypt? How bad can it be...   6 years 25 weeks ago

    Nice fellows those corruptors, aren't they ? ;)

  • Started Using GDB on the backend.   6 years 25 weeks ago

    Well I have 4gb ram, about 280gb free storage so its not my machine that is causing the slow down. (Also I run a tight ship ramwise shutting down most unnecessary aps/processes.) But yeah the txt file is fairly easy to spot as it is the only one in the folder. :D

  • Last 16 Character   6 years 25 weeks ago

    Yeah its a slightly tough quest to complete anyway unless you get an artifact (randarts work just fine here) to complete it with. Otherwise you need to hold on to any rings/necks you find. Staves work too but weigh 5 which is a lot for most non-fighters and not insignificant even still.

    Daikara is definitely no easy dungeon though at level 17 you should be fine as long as you have a way to avoid or remove confusion which is the most constant problem there. Also corridor fighting tactics (running backward to put monsters on traps, teleporting out when in trouble and making sure you aren't surrounded) are very important as well.

  • OK... So NOW I want a house. Or at least a locker somewhere... ;)   6 years 25 weeks ago

    A house is coming!

  • OK... So NOW I want a house. Or at least a locker somewhere... ;)   6 years 25 weeks ago

    Now that it is persistent I think it woudl make a lovely home. A little new paint. Some replacement brickwork. No window treatments needed... ;)

  • Last 16 Character   6 years 25 weeks ago

    Correction, it is the Novice Mage, not the Apprentice Mage and ironically, he showed up right after this post. Unfortunately my halfling lost his life in Daika...the mountain zone.

  • David Gervais tiles mod v 1.1 for Tome4 Beta17   6 years 25 weeks ago

    These tiles are SOOOO SWEET!

    Please make some more.

  • David Gervais tiles mod v 1.1 for Tome4 Beta17   6 years 25 weeks ago

    I like mushroom hermit tiles myself but options are good :)

    You might want to make stralite dark, it's a dark metal :)

    PS: Mushroomhermit, go draw monsters !

  • Started Using GDB on the backend.   6 years 25 weeks ago

    I've had no problems at all running the game with GDB, although getting the crash to happen while on it is something really close to a miracle.
    By the way, remember that the GDB log is saved in the t4 folder and it's called gdb.txt.

  • Started Using GDB on the backend.   6 years 25 weeks ago

    This game is really unplayable with the gdb in the background. I will continue to use it when creating new characters in the hopes of catching the exception that made the game crash. Otherwise Im done with it.

  • Stuck waiting for a fix...   6 years 25 weeks ago

    "Ever" eh? Hyperbole much? Having play-tested quite a few games (most in beta or alpha) I can confidently contradict that generalism. However, I assume that here it is not likely. Just wishful thinking more than likely. Thanks for the .02.

  • Stuck waiting for a fix...   6 years 25 weeks ago

    I highly doubt saves will be compatible between versions, let alone between betas - just like with most every other game released ever.

  • who carries whom?   6 years 25 weeks ago

    Have you not seen Japanese Anime cartoons, where the hero typically wears an 8 feet long, 1 foot wide great sword, and wields it with the ease of a foil.


  • T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta17 aka "Wintertide" unleashed!   6 years 25 weeks ago

    If you downloaded the game in the very first minutes it was available, please redownload :)

  • who carries whom?   6 years 26 weeks ago

    I also find it amusing. While a halfling using a tree trunk bigger than him/herself is unrealistic, complete realism is not fun. If size restrictions were introduced, certain race/class combinations would be next to imposable. Besides, such ridiculous sights are fairly common in the fantasy genera. Who can not name one character that wields a weapon that would be utterly impractical in reality?