AEther Operators

AEther Operators

Experiment addon based on Tourist example mod an Glutton Mod:
- Add class AetherOperator and subclass TechPaladin based on Celestial/Sun talents.
- Add new skill 'Deep Scan' what can give all talents that target posses except internal/item.
- Some rework and icons to Tourist skills.

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initial 1.2.3 2014-10-04 12:57

Dunno if anyone's still paying attention...

... but I've been playing around with this a bit lately, and figure at least someone should mention the two major bugs.

The bigger one is that unlearning a talent only unlearns one talent level at a time. This makes pruning down your 'm' menu an exercise in incredible mind numbing tedium that takes a vaguely gratuitous amount of time -- it's actually the major thing making this addon difficult for me to really dig in to, since just letting the magic menu grow leads to terrible performance issues and a great deal of irritating clutter.

The less big, but still fairly large, one is that talents also only get learned one level at a time, which is fairly contradictory to the message log output that suggests you learn the whole thing in one go. Instead, each use of deep scan increments the appropriate talents up by one level. Between that and 100 turn cooldown, harvesting talents can be rather time consuming, even once you pick up a few cooldown resetting talents.

As a third thing, it's not a bug, but something that would be incredibly nice (that, if I'm not mistaken, the glutton addon has tried and failed to do), would be a method to prevent relearning talents once unlearned.

Those bits noted, these guys are pretty fun to play in the "wildly imbalanced" way they roll -- obviously, a lot like the early glutton builds (understandable, considering there's still bits of glutton code in parts of the LUA, ha) before they were considerably reigned in. If someone could get around to fixing those two major issues (and maybe even that one request/suggestion/wish), this would definitely be my go-to power-trip addon.

Interesting class

Thanks to Deep Scan, it's grotesquely overpowered if one plays with the Everything Is Unique mod (assuming once can survive to level 8.) But it's still...just plain neat when you do. Even without the Unique mod, a trip to Anglowen is like a trip to the candy factory, and I'm guessing adventurer/Ziguranth parties are still rich veins of power. :)

All in all, though survivability to level 8 is definitely an issue with the Unique mod, I'm having a lot of fun just accumulating mounds and mounds of powers. I think I even got a prodigy or two. The passives alone are enough to make a dilettante giddy.

Okay.... that I've gotten a good grasp of just how powerful this class is, I'll offer some thoughts. My techpaladin character (Bob the Sightseer, on my character page) can wipe the floor with pretty much anything. If I didn't have to go through the quests and the like, I have no doubt that my level 33 techpaladin could win the game in a walk. I doubt he'd even notice the final bosses. At worst, a mana clash could disable enough sustains that he'd have to reapply them before going back into the thick of battle.

I'm currently scumming the slimepits by holding down the 5 key (pass a turn) and letting elite boss slimes just kill themselves on me without doing any damage that isn't healed instantly, all in hopes of getting that Eye and awakening the golem. In other words, this class is beyond unbalanced. I'm basically running on a bunch of sustains, using Illuminate to clear out the riff-raff, and not facing anything remotely close to an actual threat. I get the feeling it was developed to just be a fun class to play, so I'm not complaining because, well, it's a fun class to play.

Nevertheless, a few thoughts: 1) Perhaps a limit on how many powers a character can have at one time? If you want to preserve some of the fun, allow the character to pick which powers s/he wants to keep and which s/he wants to dispense with. 2) Increase the level of the Deep Scan spell. It's definitely up there with the highest powers. Level 24+ doesn't seem unreasonable, especially since the other powers and abilities won't make it easy for a player to get that far. 3) Perhaps some caps would be in order. Say, a cap on health per level (or even a cap on health from constitution.)

Mind you, I'm not complaining. As I said, it's a lot of fun. It's a bit tedious going through the powers (one runs out of hotkeys right quick) because the magic screen has a notable lag once you start accumulating talents. But, as I said, I suspect you intended this to just be a fun time for all, and, in that, you've succeeded.