Adds the Animist class, a wielder of the elemental spirits.

Animist forum discussion thread
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current impressions

much more interesting. Still, Undine rulezz supreme. Gnome probably needs some improvement? PArticularly, his block feels weakish - many opponents justt punsh through it... And lvl 12 power , whiile passive, feels least useful of tier-4s. Also, shouldn't lightning jump get some range increase with investment? Actually, most class skills feel perfectly good at 1 point, with no need for improvement.


Confusing cooldowns and piano playing from many skills feels fresh.
Pleased feeding spiritual weapons. (Who is that thunder? Who wants to eat legendary weapon? Good sword!)

Many skills are effective with minimal investment. I caught myself on the fact that I can leave 5-15 class points without many losses.
Ground disruption and Lunarang look useless.
Lux&Umbra feels weird- his skills require L&U standing, while everything else is concentrated on the switch.

feed items?

Feed To Sprirts seems to not work at start despite items level being appropriate. Tried both in stance and without one. Inventory just shows empty though there are already some items picked up, both white and magical. Also, what is meant by 'having to switch stances often'? I just shot through the 1st level of Infinite Dungeon wwithout switching from Undine stance... While fun, it's not what I thought. ;))

Are those items a) in your

Are those items a) in your actual inventory (not your transmogrification chest) and b) higher than tier 2 and c) the correct types? You need to feed tier 2 items to your tier 1 spirits in order to rank them up to tier 2.

At low levels, the combination of basic attacks being fairly strong, short combat times, resting Ether regeneration, and a seemingly large resource pool means its a little easier to remain in a stance than I'd like it to be. Evaluating changes to encourage more swapping, without leading to more degenerate gameplay patterns.


The problem seems to be in descriptions. I understood that you can feed items of any tier up to the talent's rank to get some effects. Didn't seem to start from tier 2. Agree about 'fairly' strong. Maybe some bonuses upon switching stances at least? I remember Gladiator mod class making a good use of them, and some others...

Ground Disruption causing LUA error when interacting with mobs

Game version: tome-1.6.7
Addons: easy_map_v2-1.6.0[X], animist-1.6.0[X], items-vault-1.6.0[O], invorder-1.3.0[X!], PlenumTooltipCustom-1.6.0[X], convenient-digging-1.5.5[X!], turn_separators_v2-1.6.0[X], compare-1.6.0[X]

ActorTemporaryEffects.lua:295: attempt to index local 'eff' (a string value)

It appears (limited trials) that monsters inside the Ground Disruption effect will trigger the above LUA error. If I trigger it when there are no monsters within, no error occurs even if my character or a party member move within the effect.

Ground Disruption Error (Fixed!)

Fixed! Thanks for your helpful report!

Confirmed, no more error

Confirmed; I can now use Ground Disruption error free.